Mystery Babylon is teetering!

Sep 8, 2011

Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication (The Book of Revelation, chapter 14, verse 8).

As we continue to observe the financial leg of Mystery Babylon falling, events are now reaching breakneck velocity. (Oh, did I say “breakneck?” See Exodus 13:13 about the redemption of the firstborn asses {the church}. But thankfully, the Lamb (Jesus) is here to nullify the necessity of the breaking of necks!) Anyhow, this just in from our intrepid reporter-analyst, Dr. Todd.


For some time I have been saying that the revaluation of the dinar was very closely tied to the collapse of fiat currencies, although I might not have said it so clearly as that. The intense pressure in the markets right now might just be the thing that releases this event, but we shall see.

Below is a copy of a blog from Dr. Stephen Jones. I deeply appreciate his insight in these matters. In this entry Josef Ackerman gives quite the chilling account of the fiscal hornets’ nest in Europe. Seems that someone keeps kicking the nest. Unless we understand that the financial elites put the dinar in play to create yet another fiat currency to jump to when the dollar falls, we will not be able to understand all the details that are reported.

This is a critical time now.
The Euro is in very bad shape. Let me speak in laymen’s terms. The fundamental structure of our money system is such that growth is not only nice but required. Interest and inflation are parasites on the value of a currency and its associated economy. Neither add value, but siphon off crucial liquidity that is required to keep the system operating.

Over time, the recipients of these revenues, the banksters themselves, need to also grow. In business if you are not growing, you are dying. They branch out into other “opportunities” which is the very simplistic view of why they packaged mortgages into securities and so forth.
Fundamentally, all money in circulation is placed in circulation through loans.

Collecting compound interest demands that more money must be repaid than what is ever loaned to begin with. Even a 1st grader can understand this system cannot run forever. The whole banking system is about getting money loaned out so that interest (revenue for the bank) can be collected. It is a blight on the economy. Now it gets complex from this point, but you get the idea anyway.
Josef Ackerman is one of the key people in Europe who has been deeply engaged in the banker wars this decade. He is also someone who was adamantly blocking any attempt to jump start the economy. If and when the economy is jump started, the claim on real property of the banking system, will evaporate. This is a key point.

The debt created by loaning all the money to operate the economy is a corporate claim on the ownership of a large percentage of private property in the world. Therefore the love of money is truly the root of all evil. The dinar is a threat to the banks’ claims on property. When $10 Trillion is released (the revaluation) into circulation it will wipe out what has taken decades to create. Do you think any banker wants to see the dinar revalue? And who has been the most outspoken critics of investing in the dinar? Go figure.

So let me interpret what Ackerman says below. The “threat of dilution” is really the uncontrolled inflation of the fiat currency that they control. If the currency is worthless, so are the debts against any real property subject to that debt. They hold up the Euro like it is an idol, but in reality it is their source of control over the block of countries. It is how they purchase their favors. It is the funding for all political maneuvering.

“The costs of supporting weak member states, particularly from the German perspective, are less than the costs of disintegration…. It is a dangerous illusion to believe that a country could do better should it reclaim the sovereignty it has delegated to the EU.”

This is an outright lie. Iceland voted to default on debts owed to mainland investors and has almost freed itself from the clutches of the banking cabal. [See my blog below: “Has Jubilee begun in Iceland?” August 30, 2011—JWB] It is the large elephant in the room. Don’t think for one second that countries across Europe are not watching.

They are, and if it were me, I would be pushing to release my own asset backed currency, rather than use any longer the worthless Euro. Shrouded in financial talk, I believe these money changers are terrified that any state would regain its sovereignty…..but Iceland did and it threw the politicians out that gambled away the country’s future.

Folks the Euro will fall sometime between now and next summer. I mean by that, that no one will want their money tied up in Euro’s. Shortly thereafter, if they are not able to recover, and why should they, the dollar will fall to a true market value.

This will be marked by a surge in commodity prices. Folks this is an easy prediction, because it is already happening. I am not talking about something out in the future somewhere. I believe this will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The bankers will not give up easily.

They will have the dinar as one possible way of saving themselves, but this will not last either, because there is no treasury holding real value to back the dinar, even though they all point to the potential revenue of Iraqi oil fields.

I will make a second prediction, which I believe is solid. Once the dinar goes live, the striving for resources in Iraq will create such internal strife that the country will break into its three fractions, the Kurds, the Sunni’s and the Shiite’s. The dinar will then collapse as well. (I reserve the right to refine my prediction by the way.)

Keep in mind, you are along for the ride and will need to make quick, informed decisions. Begin to think about things that have real value and generally are not subject to market manipulation.
Yesterday I read up on the PAGE – Pan Asian Gold Exchange. This is a 100% asset back investment being put into the market in October. China will hold 1:1 metal commodities in its treasury to back its gold exchange.

This history is long and detailed, but this is the nemesis of the banking system. The bankers are deceived in thinking that everyone in the world wants the system to stay intact, especially when it favors those who are abusing it. These foreign countries are taking matters into their own hands now. It is happening on a daily basis and they are wanting to rid itself of the global banking cabal.

I hope this helps many of you understand what is in play. It is much bigger than just the dinar exchange. It is coming, along with a tsunami of other changes as well. Make plans …stay informed.



Deutsche Bank CEO Just Gave A Terrifying Speech In Frankfurt

Josef Ackermann just gave a terrifying speech about the fragility of the Euro banking sector right now.

“At a conference in Frankfurt he said, “It is an open secret that numerous European banks would not survive having to revalue sovereign debt held on the banking book at market levels.”

In other words, bank assets (bonds) are valued according to what they used to be worth, not according to their present value. The banks do not want to state the true value of their assets on their books, otherwise they would have to admit that they are insolvent. So it is better to fib than to tell the truth and go bankrupt. The banks hope that they can hold out long enough for the financial markets to get better.

They should turn around and read the handwriting on the wall (Dan. 5:5). It is their personal revelation from God.

What about getting another bailout to recapitalize the banks, like we did in September of 2008? The article goes on…

However recapitalization is not the answer. Ackermann duly shot down the measure suggested by IMF head Christine Lagarde at Jackson Hole.

He said recapitalizing the banks urgently, as Lagarde suggested, would be “counterproductive.”

“A forced recapitalization would give the signal that politicians do not themselves believe in the measures” they are negotiating.

As a result, it could exacerbate the debt situation in individual countries. Also, faced with a threat of dilution (a result of recapitalization), private investments in banks would be even less likely.

Another measure that he does not think will help, he says, is dissolving the Eurozone. “The costs of supporting weak member states, particularly from the German perspective, are less than the costs of disintegration…. It is a dangerous illusion to believe that a country could do better should it reclaim the sovereignty it has delegated to the EU.”

Sounds like Ackermann just sounded the alarm. There is now a full-on Euro banking crisis.

So it looks like we are about to see the European version of our own banking crisis three years ago in September 2008. The only difference is that the US crisis was caused largely by banks holding worthless mortgages, which the banks were reluctant to revalue lower to reflect their real market value. Right now, the European banks are holding “sovereign debt” (bonds from Greece) that are probably worthless. Those same bonds are trading at much lower prices on the open market right now, but the banks don’t want to write that low value on their books, because that would make them insolvent.

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