It’s in the Cards—Millennium Ramifications

Sep 30, 2011

I would not say I was worried, but I was certainly wondering if we might have a logistical mess surrounding our St. Louis Conference next week. It concerned the possibility of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team making the play-offs for the World Series. It did not look very likely a month ago, but this email from Kevin O’Connell (our valued sound engineer and a rabid Atlanta Braves fan) gives us a heads-up on what we might logistically expect in St. Louis next week.

Well, the Atlanta Braves collapsed. We had an 8-1/2 game lead over St. Louis at the beginning of September. We frittered it away and lost to the Phillies in 13 innings tonight (Wednesday). The Cards blew out the Astros the last two nights and earned the honor of hosting the Phillies next Tuesday (October 4th) in St. Louis. If they win on Tuesday, they will play again on Wednesday (time To Be Determined). Parking for our Conference attendees will likely be tight by the time we get there Wednesday night!
Hope everybody that wanted to get a room got a room…
If the Phillies sweep the first three games (the first two games will be played in Philadelphia), there won’t be a Wednesday game, but there will definitely be a Tuesday game. If the Cards win the playoff, the league championship begins Sunday (October 9th), so there could be another game in St. Louis Sunday and Monday. TBD…

What this all means is that rooms at the Millennium will now start filling up quickly, and we may encounter some parking problems, as Kevin mentioned. Be prepared to practice patience and give grace to others as we gather “under the arch” of the Covenant!

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