Who Owns the Land?

Oct 22, 2010

A week before our recent Feast of Tabernacles Bible Conference at Sweetwater, Tennessee, I came across a sheet of music in my files that I had forgotten about. We used to sing it in our SK Fellowship meetings back in the early 1990s. It was written by Charles Wesley (1707-1788) and Lewis Edson (1748-1820). In church hymnals it is entitled “Blow Ye the Trumpet Blow!” I had re-titled it “The Year of Jubilee Is Come!”

In view of the fact that Steve Jones and some brethren recently did a spiritual work declaring the jubilee, and I and some brethren did a similar spiritual work at the Federal Reserve in Atlanta (see blogs dated July 22, 27 & 29), I felt it was appropriate for the Sweetwater congregation to learn the song. We must have sung it half a dozen times during the conference. We are all feeling the year of jubilee is very near!

Events in the nation and the world concerning our financial system, which many of us have foreseen for decades, are now unfolding. (Not that I or anyone could have predicted precisely how every detail would unfold, but simply that we knew that the system had to collapse.) Now we see almost daily financial tremors interrupted by earthshaking revelations about the magnitude of the fraud of our current financial system.

I was genuinely shocked to see the revelations in the video on MSNBC—of all places! It concerns the real estate market. Do not think, however, that because you rent, or because you are current on your mortgage payments, or even if you have paid off your mortgage, and supposedly own your home “free and clear,” that this does not apply to you. The almost unfathomable mess exposed by the guests on Dylan Ratigan’s show is affecting everyone. As the attorney, Michael Pines, states about midway through this video segment: “…And I don’t think I am overstating the case. This is not only residential, this is commercial. And I say with a high degree of confidence, that nobody in this country knows for sure who owns any real estate, residential or commercial….”

Why would this be the case? It is because since the early 1980s, lenders have “bundled” mortgages together and “securitized” them in the secondary and tertiary (and beyond) markets. In other words, the lenders immediately “get their money,” within days of a buyer closing on a loan. Then if the homeowner defaults, insurance companies like AIG pay the investors for their loss. But the losses were so huge that AIG did not have the money to pay off all the claims, so…. enter you and me, the taxpayers. We then bailed out AIG and others deemed “too big to fail.”

Add to this the fact that in the process of “bundling” or “securitization,” the paper trail of title to the properties was often lost or missing, resulting in lenders’ inability to prove that they are entitled to our mortgage payments. This is the nugget of what the current headlines are all about. For example, you read how Bank of America, headquartered in Charlotte, stopped foreclosures in all 50 states about a week ago. Why? Because of “technical” problems, and some minor “discrepancies.” Indeed! Little technicalities such as creating lying affidavits to cover up the fact that the paper trail of title to properties is lost and cannot be put back together again! So who owns the land? Our Father does! Exodus 19:5 … all the earth is mine:

And the day/year of jubilee is coming soon when all debts will simply be canceled. We are not there yet, but we can see it on the horizon. Before that can happen, I believe we as God’s people, must be brought lower because I do not see general and widespread crying out to and return to God and His laws. So keep the faith as the financial roller coaster is careening closer and closer to coming off the tracks.

Blow ye the trumpet, blow! The gladly solemn sound.

Let all the nations know, To earth’s remotest bound.

The year of jubilee is come! The year of jubilee is come!

Return ye ransomed sinners, home.

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