Fran Fisher

Oct 5, 2010

Concerning the passing of our dear sister, Fran Fisher, I have received her daughter, Ginger’s permission to share this email that I just received. It is, of course, very personal, but Ginger agreed that it might also bless others to know these things.

Good Morning,
I just wanted to share with you a little more detail on mom:
I guess Father did have a completely different plan than the rest of us but He usually does doesn’t He? I had mixed emotions about it all when I sent you the last email expressing my frustration, but after I saw how everything lined up with the times and dates I understood why Father had her hang on that long. She had to leave my house and go home so the EMTs and Paramedics wouldn’t get there until she could be pronounced at 153. She had to take her last breath at 1222.

My nephew, who is an Ephraim was holding her when she took her last breath and Holly was shown Ezek 37 where the sticks of Ephraim and Judah were joined. I was about 15 minutes too late and it was planned that way because I drove passed the turn. I was totally blinded to all the markers and that has never in the last 25 years happened to me. It is so bittersweet and just another sign that we will see her sooner than we think.

She was so at peace when she passed and about an hour and a half later her mouth closed and she had a smile, the corners of her mouth were turned up and the bottom of her top teeth were showing a little, and her lips were normal color, she also had the most beautiful glow about her face. This has really helped us get through and especially my dad. He said when he starts feeling sad he just thinks of her face and is okay. He knows that either she or Father did that for us.

One other thing, that day she was pretty weak and could barely talk but she woke up and held her finger up and was saying “one” Holly and Leah were trying to figure out what she was trying to say and finally they asked her if it was the Sons of God and she said yes so we saw that in Steve’s book that one is unity.
As I said, it is so bittersweet and she has left a huge void in our family and in this world because she was such an awesome mother, wife, grandmother and friend but she is a wonderful sign that it is all coming to an end. THANK YOU FATHER!!!!
God bless,


And thank you, Ginger, for being willing to share this with all the brothers and sisters in Christ!

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