Has the unsealing of indictments nationwide begun?

Jul 23, 2020

Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder to soon be a “household name” nationally

   Those of us who have been observing the 17th letter of the alphabet’s anonymous posts on the web over the past 30 months or so have been waiting for some of the huge number (over 150,000 at last count) of unsealed indictments to begin to be unsealed to the public and prosecuted. Could this be one of them?

While Mr. Householder is not exactly a “household” name—even in Ohio—this is a massive case! Here is the lead from the Cincinnati Enquirer’s online edition: 

“Federal agents arrested Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and four others Tuesday as part of a $60 million racketeering and bribery investigation that prosecutors described as one of the largest public corruption cases in Ohio history.

“All the charges are tied to what federal prosecutors said was a criminal enterprise dedicated to securing a bailout for two nuclear power plants in northern Ohio owned by FirstEnergy Solutions of Akron. The bailout is expected to cost the state's utility ratepayers $1 billion.

“A criminal complaint unsealed Tuesday described the effort as "Householder's Enterprise" and stated that he and his associates secretly used money from an energy company to expand their political power, enrich themselves and conceal their criminal conspiracy.” [My emphasis—JWB] For the complete article from | The Enquirer, click here. There was a follow-up story here

While the vast majority of the American people have been (mis-)educated to think that anyone who believes in “conspiracy theories” is loony, those of us who have been paying attention—and doing our homework—understand that history is essentially the story of various conspiracies, each trying to become “king of the mountain.”

Conspiracies happen all the time. Anyone who says they don’t is either ignorant and simply regurgitating the lies and indoctrination of the media, Hollywood and the educational establishment; or said person is knowingly lying to you for whatever reason.

According to an article published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s online edition on July 21st, there were four other men arrested in the conspiratorial scheme to defraud Ohio taxpayers to the tune of a billion dollars.

“Besides Householder, four others have been arrested…former Ohio Republican Party Chair-turned-consultant Matt Borges, prominent lobbyist Neil Clark, FirstEnergy Solutions lobbyist Juan Cespedes, and Householder aide Jeff Longstreth.”

Remember at the 2016 Republican Convention in Cleveland that nominated Donald Trump how then-Ohio Gov. Kasich refused to even attend? Clearly a never-Trumper then and even more so now. In light of that, consider this (all emphasis mine—JWB):

“Borges also is a long-time fixture in Ohio GOP politics. He was hand-picked in 2013 by then-Gov. John Kasich to lead the Ohio Republican Party. But allies of Donald Trump ousted him shortly after Trump was elected president in November 2016.

“Today, he largely focuses on lobbying, and currently officially represents professional associations representing medical-marijuana growers and pharmacy-benefit managers, companies that negotiate drug prices on behalf of state-run health-care plans. But he continues to dabble in politics.

“That includes helping launch a Super PAC backing this year’s Democratic presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, a move which recently led to his formal censure by the party he used to run. He also is a top political adviser to Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, a Republican.” Full story here.

A detailed list of payouts and the Federal prosecutor’s criminal complaint are included in another story here. Some of the bribery money is said to have been used by Householder to pay for his house in Naples, Florida. This is a case to watch unfold!


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