Energy from the sun in a jar?

Jul 25, 2020

A couple weeks ago, a sister-in-Christ contacted me to ask my opinion about a company looking for investors. A relative of hers had told her about this opportunity and wanted to see if our sister would want to share in the minimum investment of 25k.

I am not a financial advisor and frankly do not know what laws, rules, regulations, dictates, etc. from the government may apply, so while I do not give investment advice, certainly anyone and everyone is entitled to an opinion about whatever. I had never heard of this company but took the time to go to their website and have a look.

After watching the 11-minute video on the home page, I was intrigued enough to do two things: (1) investigate further on my own, and (2) call in some “big guns” to request their opinions, if they cared to take the time. A few days ago, I contacted our sister-in-Christ by telephone, told her what I had found in my investigation (my critical thinking processes fully engaged), and also shared with her the upshot of what our big guns had replied to me.

I made no recommendation to her either way, simply shared the facts that were ascertainable upon doing due diligence. She readily expressed her sincere gratitude and replied that our results helped her very much and told me what she expected her decision would be.

Why am I sharing this with my weblog audience? It is because of the nature of the company. I, for one, don’t have 25k lying around to invest, but I spent considerable time watching the rest of the videos under the “Movies” tab on their website, exploring the rest of their website, and then sought more information about them elsewhere. It was a rewarding exercise in critical thinking/discernment.  

If you would like the challenge, begin here at their home page. And if you care to respond to me with your thoughts, I would welcome them via email to Please put “Aureon” in the subject line, so I can easily search for any responses from you.

In fact, I am going to turn this exercise into a contest of sorts. The prize is a free copy of Dr. Vincent Speckhart’s book, The Quantum and Non-quantum States of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Speckhart Quantum.jpg

The winner will be the person who discovers something very specific which would help a red-pilled person to easily and quickly decide whether or not to become involved in this company. The winner will tell me what this “something very specific” is, which I discovered along the way of my own due diligence. This specific fact immediately becomes a critical factor in a yes/no decision. I can give away up to three copies; date/time stamp on emails will determine first (and only) three winners.

This is just an exercise/game, so if you want to take up the challenge, I look forward to your responses. I will share the condensed/edited portions of the replies I received from our big guns in a follow-up blog, probably sometime next week.

Now, for some back story. Six of my “big guns team” are electrical engineers, two others are Ph.D.’s, and the other three are really smart people whose intellects (guided by the Word) are beyond most Ph.D.’s but they don’t have the official sheepskins, duly framed, from the academic institutions to hang on their walls.

For several decades, many of “my” team and I have shared ideas on free energy, scalar engineering, zero point energy, and all things related. All of us are very familiar with the history of Nikola Tesla and other brilliant scientists and inventors whose attempts to bless the world were suppressed and buried by Mystery Babylon over the past century and longer.

tesla pic.jpg

We also know well that some of the inventors were themselves literally buried, murdered by the evil ones to prevent their inventions from seeing the light of day.

But we knew that the day would come when these things would be revealed. I have referred to these blessings as “Kingdom Technology.” We—the whole team—firmly believe that the time has come for the fall of Mystery Babylon and we are now witnessing it play out on the world stage on a daily basis.

Make no mistake, the CV, mask-of-Fauci fiasco, Antifa, BLM, and riots are all part of it, though many of the players at the lower levels have no idea what they are part of. Lenin called them “useful idiots.” Lenin did, not I. I feel compassion for many of them caught up in a misguided zeal to seek a more equitable world/society. For more on that aspect, see my series on Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, now in progress. Begin here

Concomitant with the fall of Mystery Babylon, the Millennial Kingdom, aka God’s Kingdom, aka the Stone Kingdom of Jesus Christ, will come into perfection, and with that the release of Kingdom Technology to “bless all the families of the earth” (a reference to the Abrahamic Covenant).

N. B., the reference to God’s Kingdom and the Stone Kingdom are speaking generally and not to the tiny ministries of Dr. Stephen Jones and myself. I fully recognize I am a nobody, and I am perfectly content to do my little part as an observer, watchman, and witness of what our Father is doing in the earth. We are just reporting the news, as it were.

President Trump has alluded in public speeches on several occasions to the release of wonderful new things to be revealed in the area of health and wellness, energy technology, transportation, communications, etc. I believe his quick moves to “stand up” another separate branch of the military called the U. S. Space Force, is part of this transformation to the better.


As you may have surmised, the name of the company is Aureon. The website is—the “ca” indicating it is Canadian. So, given my long-standing interest in free energy, it was not a reluctant task for me to “check out” the website of Aureon. What they are stating is seemingly what we have been waiting for. This is from their home page:

“SAFIRE™ can create, control, contain, sustain, and repeat-at-will any number of plasma regimes. No other technology in the world can do this.

Seven years of empirical testing has resulted in a unique patented stable spherical “SAFIRE™” plasma reactor.  AUREON ENERGY™ LTD. will commercialize the SAFIRE technology into three key markets:

> clean energy production
> heating
> remediation of nuclear waste

Each market in itself represents a trillion dollar industry over the next ten years. AUREON ENERGY™ is currently engaging investors to commercialize the technology.”

By “remediation” of nuclear waste, they are matter-of-factly claiming that their new technology will use highly radioactive nuclear waste as fuel, rendering it harmless while it produces electricity at the same time! No more need to bury it in Yucca Mountain for ten thousand years! Is this for real? You decide; tell me what you think!

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