America’s Providential Name © 1991

Nov 7, 2011

As schoolchildren, most Americans were taught that the New World was named for an individual name Amerigo Vespucci, a Florentine explorer and contemporary of Christopher Columbus. In fact, Vespucci was a vain self-promoter and an agent of the international banking House of Medici.

In 1495, acting for the Medici’s, he was commissioned to outfit twelve ships for the Spanish crown for another voyage to the New World. For the next ten years, Vespucci claimed in his profuse writings to have made numerous voyages of exploration of both new continents.

His accounts, however, are so fraught with inconsistencies and near impossibilities, that scholars question how much he really did explore. (For example, one journey puts him near the south pole.)

His writings, however, excited the imagination of a German cosmography professor named Martin Waldseemuller. In his New Introduction to Cosmography (1597), Waldseemuller proposed: “I do not know of any law that would forbid that the land discovered by Amerigo, a man of great wisdom and intelligence, be given his name; and since Europe, Asia and Africa have feminine names, let Amerigo’s land be called America.”

As in so many other aspects of the Greater Promised Land (for example, in heraldry), man usually unknowingly carries out God’s plan. It is now clear that what was initially a result of the vanity of an international bankers’ agent was in fact another master stroke of God’s providence.

The book, America’s Hope, reports that Professor Miskovsky of Oberlin College in Ohio states that the word “America” is but another form of the ancient Gothic words “Amel” and “Ric,” in German, “Emerich,” and in modern German “Himmelreich,” and the meaning is: “kingdom of heaven!”

A further irony of the name is that for a half century after Columbus, the name America applied only to the southern continent, with North America being represented as a vast peninsular appendage to Asia.

Now in the 20th century, as the hidden meaning of “America” is becoming known, we find that when “America” is mentioned anywhere in the world, it refers almost exclusively to the U.S.A., and to some extent, to Canada; that is, to the land of regathered Israelites, the saints to whom the land was promised. Good morning, America! It is time to awaken from your centuries of slumber to the truth of who you are.

[Note: Yes, you read correctly. This is an article I wrote in 1991. I recently came across it in my files as I was composing my lecture #18 (CD #607), entitled The Ancient of Days and America (Rise of the Stone Kingdom, part 2) from my Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom
series.] (Link is no longer valid.)

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