Observing the fall of Mystery Babylon (the financial leg) and the dinar connection

Aug 31, 2011

Observing the fall of Mystery Babylon (the financial leg) and the dinar connection

Here is more news on the currency market sent my way today, and with introductory comments, by our friend, Todd. For a highly detailed biblical analysis of Mystery Babylon, hear my Bible lecture series, Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, now 18 lectures long.
Folks I have been saying for some time that the bigger picture is the collapse of fiat currencies. Now, as long as everyone understands that insider news is almost impossible to verify, then this is an interesting read and should be taken as speculative until you see other confirming reports. Got it? Good, so don’t disqualify the reports based on certain actors… [I second Todd’s suggestion, for if the biblical pattern of Gideon is being fulfilled at this time, then we shall witness the warring factions destroy each other, with the result of Christian Israel being freed from the shackles of Mystery Babylon (along with the rest of the world)].
For many years, there are groups of people that have been attempting to go around the current fiat money system, to refund the economy with real reserves, and to eliminate the control of people who run the money printing press.

I believe we are genuinely going to see that day very soon. I also believe the Iraqi dinar is one means by which very powerful people had devised to wipe out large amounts of debt that came by pumping and dumping the economy…and they put it in place intentionally. Therefore no lop will come because the plan is to attack the attackers.
So behind the scenes, the banker wars are in full swing. I always thought they would attain full control of everything, but it seems people are waking up too fast to control. Look for desperate acts in September that do not succeed in their purpose. I see this morning that Strauss-Kahn was spoken of as being mentally ill. That doesn’t happen by chance. The work is being accomplished to bring down the banking system…
Ok, two posts here:

1) Trouble with the German banks and the Euro – The German central bank is a HQ for the money changers and the source of liquidity for the failing Euro.
2) A peak at the secret meeting to re-establish a responsible monetary system.
I believe these things have to take place to see the revalue of the dinar…we shall see soon enough…

Commerzbank (Germany) – August 2010 to August 2011 (chart)

In US trading, Commerzbank was worth $9.7 a share in August 2010. You can now buy it on the NASDAQ for $2.97 (26.08.11). This represents a capital destruction of 227% in only one year. This is Germany’s second biggest bank after Deutsche Bank. Commerzbank’s share price collapse has taken its market capitalisation to an even lower level than was reached during the pan-global banking panic of March 2009.
Is Germany about to dump the EuroZone project? EuroSceptic hysteria consumes Berlin.
To save its banks, Germany is being forced to actively consider leaving the EuroZone. Neither the German Ministry of Finance, or the Bundesbank, or the major German commercial banks can afford to finance the anticipated multi-trillion rising costs of successive EuroZone sovereign default bailouts. Nor is it politically or legally possible, inside Germany, to get a democratic consensus behind such an attempt at EuroZone salvation.
Speaking at the Jackson Hole Western Cabal banksters’ wake on Saturday 27th August 2011, Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, said that Western banks needed urgent recapitalisation. If this is not addressed we could easily see the further spread of economic weakness to core countries, and a debilitating liquidity crisis.

The most efficient solution, she argued, would be mandatory substantial recapitalisation. (AB comment: This would be achieved immediately if the $47 trillion World Global Settlement Funds were released, and if the Basel-mandated $10 trillion US Dollar Refunding Project was implemented. Both schemes are fully capitalised and ready to run.) But apart from Washington, nowhere in world economics is the political inertia and policy paralysis more evident than in Germany.
The seething discontent in Germany over Europe’s debt crisis has spread to all the key institutions of state. The latest tally of votes in the Bundestag indicates that 23 members of Angela Merkel’s own coalition group plan to vote against the EuroZone bailout package, including twelve of the 44 members of Bavaria’s Social Christians (the CSU).
Christian Wulff, the German President, has accused the European Central Bank of going far beyond its mandate with its mass purchases of Spanish and Italian debt. Wulff warned that the EuroZone’s headlong rush towards fiscal union strikes at the very core of European democracy.
The Bundesbank has condemned the ECB’s bond purchases and has warned that the EU is drifting towards debt union without democratic legitimacy or treaty backing. Joahannes Singhammer, leader of the CSU’s Bundestag group, accused the ECB of acting dangerously by jumping the gun before sovereign national parliaments had had a chance to vote on the issue.
A CSU document released on Monday 29th August 2011, flatly rebuts the latest emergency accord between the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the French President, Nicholas Sarkozy. The CSU says that plans for an economic government for EuroZone states are unacceptable. The document demands treaty changes to allow EMU states such as Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France to go bankrupt, and to eject them from the Euro altogether for serial financial abuses. (Release from debt just like Iceland.) [See my blog from yesterday, Has Jubilee begun in Iceland?-JWB]

Monaco Colloquium – August 2011. The Great Game approaches its final shake of the dice. Switzerland leads a fifty-seven nation geopolitical board change. The current governments of the US, Japan, UK, Germany, France and Italy are actively excluded from executive decisions concerning the new global gold-backed financial system.
It was a step-change moment destined to be savoured by future historians. For the period of a week towards the end of August 2011, a secret meeting of fifty-seven finance ministers from across the globe began the long-prepared-for task of setting up a new international asset-backed financial system.
The gathering was a powerful invitation-only colloquium, hosted by Switzerland, which started on dry land in the Principality of Monaco & Monte-Carlo, and then moved onto a major naval vessel in adjacent international waters.
Nations represented at the meeting in an official government capacity included Switzerland, The Netherlands, China, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela and several Gulf Cooperation Council states. Various positive transnational power groupings were also present, such as the White Dragon Society and the US Pentagon-CIA-NSA reform faction (referenced further down this page under a separate heading).
Certain negative fiat-casino players were strenuously refused entry. These included the recently deposed Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, the Managing Director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, and all members of the US Nazi-continuum (the Rockefeller-Kissinger-Bush syndicate).
For Jay Rockefeller it was like being thrown out of his own funeral. Having last year lost Europe to the Rothschilds, and more recently lost Japan to the White Dragon Society, he was now physically and forcibly removed from the Monaco Colloquium by agents acting for the US Pentagon White Hats.
Initially resorting to patrician Illuminati bluster, Rockefeller attempted to talk his way into the Monaco meeting. He was rebuffed. “Do you know who I am?” he demanded. “Yes, I know who you are. You are nobody,” said the host’s man at the door. “The Old World Order is out and a New World Order is about to begin.” Rockefeller raged to no effect and was informed that this was now a brave new world for the young; old mummies like him were merely dust to be swept away.
Jay Rockefeller left the entrance, collected a security detail of BlackOps goons, and returned in an attempt to force entry. The Monaco Colloquium summoned its own security and, according to eye-witness reports, Rockefeller and his cowboys were “literally thrown out.”
Shortly afterwards, the land-based part of the meeting was adjourned, the attendees boarded a large naval vessel and continued their conference in international waters off the coast. Two of Rockefeller’s BlackOps helicopters buzzed the boat, intent, it is said, on activating listening technology and using electromagnetic pulse weapons to disrupt proceedings. If this is true, the importance of the meeting would be difficult to overestimate. Within moments of the choppers’ appearance, military aircraft, described as jump jets, arrived and forced the helicopters away.
The opposition of two openly conflicting and powerful US interest groups (Rockefeller syndicate vs Pentagon White Hats) raises an important, if covert, operational issue. Which faction now controls the clone-labs at Camp David (Maryland) and elsewhere? Whose finger can switch off the sleeper cells? Which prominent clone-lines might be terminated first? This is a large and emerging topic of current concern. More about the use of human clones in American political management can be found here.
Another important side-issue arising from the active participation of several South American reformist governments at the Monaco Colloquium, was the confiscation of the Nazi-continuum’s bank assets, BlackOps bases and residential boltholes scattered all over the continent. These have been multiplied and much-developed since the Nazi diaspora first established itself in South America in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War.
One of the facilities under immediate threat of confiscation is said to be the Bush family hideaway in Paraguay. In the autumn of 2006, George Bush Snr purchased a one hundred thousand acre ranching estate outside Paso de Patria, in the Ñeembucú department of Paraguay. The property is strategically located over the Guarani aquifer.

The Bush family first got to know about the ranch through their CIA-linked drug-running activities in the area in the nineteen eighties and nineties. Located near the border with Brazil and Bolivia, the estate offers a range of covert entry and escape routes. Private meetings and arrangements with Paraguay’s then-president, Nicanor Duarte, indicated that there would be no political difficulties with the Bush residence and its security.
However, by April 2008, the political situation in Paraguay was beginning to volatilise after decades of dictatorial stability. The Patriotic Front for Change coalition was on the move. Fernando Lugo, a bearded, left-leaning, dissentient Roman Catholic ex-bishop won Paraguay’s Presidential election on the 20th April 2008, decisively upsetting the sixty-year human rights horror-rule of the right wing Colorado Party. Lugo had been actively opposed by the Vatican, ostensibly because of his enthusiasm for Liberation Theology and its spiritual objective of subverting the Paraguayan élite status quo. He was also a powerful and popular advocate of land reforms.
In Paraguay, less than two per cent of the population owns more than ninety per cent of the land, and forty per cent of the population lives in poverty. “We have 300,000 families without land and they have the constitutional right to own the soil they live on,” Lugo insists. If the Bush family had made private and personal arrangements with Nicanor Duarte, it is thought unlikely that Fernando Lugo and his government, emboldened by the revolutionary news out of Monaco, will continue to honour them for much longer.
The introduction of a new pan-global asset-backed financial system to replace the fiat-paper casino now visibly collapsing in the West has been a long-anticipated reform. That it is now coming to political focus at so many national levels outside the Western Cabal is only to be expected. As the ever-increasing debt-pressures impact on food and energy prices, and on employment opportunities worldwide, political instability is becoming pandemic.
The Monaco Colloquium kickstarted the only financial solution which can solve the problem. What was discussed there connects closely with Global Debt Forgiveness, with overcoming the Washington DC corporation’s blocking of the disbursement of the $47 trillion World Global Settlement Funds, with the implementation of the $10 trillion US Dollar Refunding Project, and with the return to an internationally-accepted Gold Standard.
More comment on the Monaco Colloquium can be found here (30.08.11) and here (30.08.11). Some big-picture geopolitical background is outlined here (22.08.11), here (19.08.11), here (15.08.11), here (09.08.11), here (08.08.11), here (01.08.11), here (25.07.11) and here (17.07.11). Continually updated gold price charts can be viewed here and here. And the corresponding silver charts are here and here. [The Monaco Colloquium article is here if you want to follow all the hyperlinks, which we did not take the time to do in the above re-posting. This link was working as of the posting of this blog. Note: if you wish to receive occasional emails from us regarding the dinar, send us an email to that effect. Email to:– JWB]

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