Michele Bachmann and the presidential race

Aug 18, 2011

I watched the Republican candidates debate last week. They all were good on certain points, but none have my unqualified support (nor does Sarah Palin, by the way). They all have their weaknesses. For example, even Dr. Ron Paul, who wants to abolish the Fed (hoorah!), falls short when it comes to replacing it. He is a devotee of the Ludwig von Mises economic school. Under it, we’d still be stuck with usury. In my present series, Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, we are soon approaching the lecture(s) where I will lay out what I believe is God’s economic plan.

Meanwhile, I received this from a close friend, who has heard all my lectures on Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom [MBSK], and thus knows whereof she speaks. Devvy Kidd is an astute observer of what is going on in our nation (and the world), politically as well as morally. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and now refers to herself as a constitutionalist. Okay, at least that is a move towards what I wish were her position; namely, a (God’s Stone) Kingdom Christian.

While Devvy and I do not agree on everything, she brings forth much which Christians ought to know, especially as another presidential race is heating up. This Kidd column concerns Michele Bachmann. We are not picking on Bachmann.

We will share much on other candidates from time to time, either here in my Journal, or in the Stone Kingdom Chronicles. Just remember, if you are looking for a candidate who is an absolute purist in understanding and promoting God’s law for New JerUSAlem, then you are bound to be disappointed. There are none. Nevertheless, I believe we are to be engaged in the political process and I covered that to some extent in some of the MBSK lectures. Hence, we are sharing information about the candidates to help inform you on their strengths and weaknesses.

My friend wrote: “This is another outstanding article by Devvy Kidd. Read to the end to get it all [and click the links within it—JWB], and to know who Bachmann’s largest financial contributors are, which ought to explain a lot. Yes, she may be a Christian; so also supposedly were Carter, Clinton (well, he carried a Bible), Reagan, Bush, and Obama, one-worlders all! It isn’t enough to claim Christianity; one must understand that Mystery Babylon is controlling the world right now, and act accordingly. God has a plan; we ought to be on the right side in this plan.” WHY I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR MICHELLE BACHMANN, by Devvy Kidd

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