The “Show and Tell” Gospel—Praise the Lord!

May 24, 2011

This was sent to me several days ago and I finally made time to click on the link and listen to it. Wow! It is worth the time (although I recommend skipping the host talking for the first 19 minutes). So begin at about the 19 minute mark, as George Robinson is being introduced. There are some astonishing miracles which Robinson tells about, and then he gets into discussing investments that the Lord told him to make. For example, when the auto makers’ stock all crashed in 2008-9, he said the Lord told him to buy Ford Motor Company stock. He did and it has returned about 12x what he bought it for. A few years ago, he was asked about investing in the Iraqi currency, the dinar. He got a word from the Lord of “not now,” which he thought meant “no” period. Lately, he was asked again, and suddenly it dawned on him that it did not necessarily mean “never.” He says the Lord told him to invest now and that when the Iraqi dinar revalues (RVs), it will be “like Ford Motor Company [stock] on steroids.”! He also prophesied that contrary to gloom-and-doom scenarios about the year 2012, it will be the greatest spiritual awakening the world has ever seen—greater than all the great revivals of history put together—hallelujah! Here is more information that was in a post that came with the email to me.

“This link was actually posted in a response to a news post yesterday, but I thought everyone looking for a good ‘rumor’ would get a lift by it. The gentleman being interviewed is named George Robinson and some believe he has a prophetic gift in the biblical sense. I am not familiar with this man, but he says he was originally encouraged to pray about investing in the dinar by a Christian street evangelist named Todd White. Now I am familiar with Todd and have seen some of the miracles God has performed through him caught on camera, legs growing out, etc. and I have a lot of respect for him. For those of you believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, who believe that God still talks to people today, I strongly encourage you to watch and listen to this video interview. He starts talking about the dinar around 51 minutes in, but prior to that around 47 min in he talks about the future of silver. This interview is about a month old and his prediction about a pull back of silver to the $35 dollar range has already come to pass. The short of it is RV between May 29th to June 1st of this year and a rate between $3.87 and $3.89. When you cash out, buy as much silver as you can because the collapse of the dollar will not be prevented by the revalued dinar according to Mr. Robinson. Here is the link:”

Further comments by JWB: Two other things struck me in his talk: He told how he had prophesied that 2011 would be “the year of the woman.”!! I have never heard of this man, George Robinson, before I received this email and I would bet dollars to doughnuts that he most assuredly has not heard of our tiny ministry and our Manassas Conference, which was indeed all about “the daughters receiving their inheritance.”

If Robinson’s prophecy is correct about the RV of the dinar; then time is very short. You can still obtain dinars from Brother Vinnie at this number: 850-255-1000. Dr. Stephen Jones has much more about the dinars on his blog at (link is no longer valid).

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