Potassium Iodate Supply

Mar 15, 2011

As one might expect, people are calling us to obtain potassium iodate (chemical abbreviation: KIO3). We fill orders on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do not take orders or credit cards over the phone. Of course, credit cards can be used to order through our online store. Here’s a link to the KIO3. If the preceding link does not bring it up, cut and paste this URL:

However, our supply was quickly drained. We have no more available at this time. Drug stores nationally are also being rapidly drained of their supplies of potassium iodide. (Note that they supply the more common iodide form while we provide the better iodate form. Differences are explained by our manufacturer, Doug Evers, in CDs that come with each order from us.)

An email reply from Doug brought word that he himself had just exhausted his supply and will not have the raw material to manufacture any more for at least a week. Which means—if all goes well—that we might have more in stock in 2-3 weeks.

We expect that by that time that the current tenuous situation with the Japanese nuclear plants will either be in a worst-case scenario or that the crisis will have subsided insofar as the U.S. population is concerned.

If the U.S. population is spared this time, it would be advisable to get your supply of potassium iodate as soon as possible to avoid the panic-buying situation now confronting many who either had put off the decision, or have just now become aware of the need to have it on hand before a crisis happens.

When our stock is resupplied, we are adding another item with each order we send out. Previously, we had included a paper sheet of instructions, plus a 30-minute CD of me interviewing the manufacturer, Doug Evers.

Just over a week ago, while leafing through the master copies of our CDs, I chanced upon a lecture Doug had given at our Bible Conference in the Twin Cities in August of 2006. For some reason, I felt compelled to set it aside to take along and listen to on my trip to Atlanta this past weekend. Friday morning’s news of the earthquake, tsunami and initial reports of their effects on the Japanese nuclear plants made me certain that our Father had put it in my mind to pull that lecture off the shelf because of what was coming.

This lecture is full of important information which supplements the other two enclosures. So I decided (i.e., Father caused me to decide that) we would also include a copy of that lecture with each order of potassium iodate we send out. As soon as we have a new supply of KIO3 in stock, I will announce it here in this column. Meanwhile, pray earnestly for the Japanese people, and that Father prevent a worst-case situation with the nuclear power plants.

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