ALERT to Leave the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Jun 28, 2010

There are so many items which are floating in cyberspace concerning the Gulf oil spill that it is very difficult to separate fact from rumor, opinion, speculation, disinformation, etc. Hence, I have been very reluctant to post anything on it, unless and until I feel prompted by the Spirit to post and/or comment on a given article. I received this one this morning from a sister in Alabama who is on our SKM mailing list. I was prompted to publish it because it bears witness with the following information.

Last week I was speaking with a friend who operates a hotel up in this part of the country who verified to me that they had been contacted regarding availability of hotel rooms in the event of a major evacuation from the Gulf Coast area. The contact was from a local church, one of whose members had a contact in FEMA, who had suggested the church might want to be prepared to help evacuees in case something like that might come about (as in, hint, hint). Now here is the email forwarded from my sister in Christ who lives in Alabama.

ALERT to Leave the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill! by Paul Jablonowski, June 27, 2010

Dear friends,

Today has been declared by our Alabama state government a “Day of Prayer over the Gulf Oil Disaster.”(1) The Governors of the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida have also signed Prayer Proclamations for today as a day of prayer for this Gulf Oil Crisis. However, all of these prayer petitions lack one main component: A CALL TO REPENTANCE from the sins that caused this mess! The Gulf of Mexico is like the Washpot of Moab filled with all manner of uncleanness. The sins of MOAB were sexual immorality and abortion. New Orleans is still flaunting Mardi Gras despite hurricane Katrina’s cleansing message, and Houston is still the capital of abortion in America despite hurricanes Rita and Ike. These were mild judgments compared to what is coming.

“My heart will cry out for Moab; His fugitives shall flee to Zoar… they will go up with weeping… they will raise up a cry of destruction, For the waters of Nimrim will be desolate, For the green grass has withered away; The grass fails, there is nothing green. Therefore the abundance they have gained, and what they have laid up, they will carry away to the Brook of the Willows. For the cry has gone all around the borders of Moab… For the waters of Dimon will be full of blood; because I will bring more upon Dimon.” (Isaiah 15:5-9)

My prayer today is that this tragedy will cause our area of the globe to repent and turn from our wicked ways which will bring understanding on how to stop this destruction. If the government is calling us to a formal day of prayer, you can be sure it is an emergency beyond their capacity to deal with. Due to the toxins in the air and chemicals that this oil well is belching out (2), there should have been evacuations from within 50 miles of the coast long ago. Please see the links at the end of this newsletter which show the levels of benzene, methane and hydrogen sulfide are WAY above what living organisms should be exposed to (3). One lady in Louisiana has seen first hand the toxin sickness of some of the workers and her own children (4).

There are many other Christians who are leaving the area for health concerns with the understanding that it is going to get much worse (5). There is even the possibility of the Gulf floor exploding due to the massive amounts of pressure (100,000 psi) that BP has tapped into with this current strata of ambiotic oil. This could cause tsunami waves that would devastate the Gulf coastlines and Florida in particular whose land is barely above sea level. These facts are well known within BP, the EPA and NOAA, but the current reporting on the high levels of toxins in the air is being suppressed. Why? Because the economy will collapse if America tries to evacuate 40 million people from the shores of the Gulf. (6)

There is no solution in sight for months, which does not allow for a quick return of evacuees, creating a huge refugee problem. I am praying for solutions, but repentance is the first step. In the meantime, if I was within 50-100 miles of the coastline, I would be packing and leaving before July 3rd. The main purpose of writing this newsletter is to encourage people to leave the Gulf coast. There are currently only 300 people on this e-list and most are probably not in the Gulf, but please forward the links below to those you know who DO live here so they can make educated decisions. There are times and seasons for everything. Now is the time to get out of harms way.

I will be staying in prayer and updating information links below.

Paul Jablonowski


(1) Proclamation of Alabama governor Bob Riley for June 27, 2010 Day of Prayer for Gulf Oil Disaster (link is no longer valid)

(2) Lindsey Williams, author of “The Energy Non-Crisis,” talks about the Toxins this Gulf oil spill is releasing (youtube videos) – (link is no longer valid)

(3) Article “The Well from Hell” by Christian A. DeHaemer –

(4) Kindra Arnesen from Venice LA speaks in a video on the need to Evacuate due to toxin sickness she has seen –

(5) David Ells ministry announced today (6/27/10) they are leaving Pensacola Florida. Their prophecies were written YEARS ago about this Gulf evacuation coming – (link is no longer valid)

(6) Article “Gulf Oil Spill – The Greatest Disaster Since The Flood?” by Joshua S. Burnett –

(7) Videos of oil on the beaches and toxic oil rain (Corexit 9500 Dispersant) –

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