#128 - More Signs Following the D.C. Dung Anointing


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More Signs Following the D.C. Dung Anointing

Issue #128

July 2009

Our report continues from last month’s FMS regarding the multitude of prophetic signs in connection with our Passover-Resurrection Bible Conference held in Manassas, Virginia (suburban Washington) this past April. Last month we concluded with Episode One of The Dung Story.

Before we proceed to share Episode Two of The Dung Story, I must comment upon what appear to be numerous “signs following” our spiritual work at the Capitol. First, as I begin to write this FMS on June 24th, we regret the sad news of the D. C. Metrorail crash. It happened on June 22nd during the rush hour—just before 5 p.m. When our group of 32 individuals went to the Capitol (see last month’s FMS for the details) on Wednesday, April 8th, we all rode the Metro (the Orange line) having embarked at its westernmost station in Virginia. News of the accident just now brought back to my mind a conversation I had with a local commuter as we were stood waiting for the train to arrive.

I had remarked to the local person how surprised and amazed I was that there were no public restrooms there. Many in our group needed to use the restroom (the dung elimination chamber). Someone discovered there was a single restroom (unisex) for staff personnel located through a closed door and down a corridor. Several of our group had the opportunity to use it and six or eight of us were waiting in line in the corridor when one of the station security guards taped up a hand-scribbled sign on the outer door saying the restroom was out of order—a bald-faced lie. Then he told the rest of us in line that we had to leave. One of our group protested that her need was real and urgent, but he was cold, uncaring and just plain nasty as he refused her.

As I expressed my disgust to the local person about the lack of facilities (how could they design such a large facility and have no public restrooms), he chimed in that, yes, it was incredible, but that it was par for the course, because the Metro system had many problems and the local officials were simply ignoring them. Serious safety problems, too, he added, and that it would take a serious accident with lives lost before they would fix the problems. So here it is, not three months later, and the accident has occurred. Looking beyond the irresponsible officials and the tragedy of the lives lost, we find our heavenly Father speaking again through the signs. What signs?

A quick web search brought numerous accounts of the story. Headlined the Los Angeles Times: “...the system’s worst accident in 33 years.” Another: “D.C. metro rail crash kills 9, injures 76.” [Emphasis mine—JWB]. Remember, in obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, we anointed the Capitol-Capital with castor oil and realized that if we were hearing the voice of God correctly, then we should see signs following. And with castor oil being involved, signs should be related to the removal of dung in some way. First, there was the double sign of the evacuation immediately connected with the anointing. Also last month, we reported on the phenomenal sign of the cleansing going on in the British Parliament.

Now we have this crash of the Metro, “the system’s worst accident in 33 years.” 2009 minus 33 years is 1976. Plus, news stories reported that there were 76 treated for injuries at local hospitals. Dr. Stephen Jones’ studies in Secrets of Time have shown that 76 is the biblical number of cleansing! Here are just a few of the subsection titles in Stephen’s book concerning this number: “The Law of Cleansing and the Number 76,” “Cursed Time Plus 76 Years Equals Blessed Time,” “Psalm 76: The Enemies of the Sanctuary,” “Ezra Cleanses the Priesthood.” In regard to the last-mentioned subhead, Stephen discovered that
Jesus Christ was born at the end of 76 rest years from the Edict of Cyrus.” (See Resource list on p. 4.)

But, someone might suggest, that 76 were injured and the year 1976, thosewere just coincidences. Well, as one wit put it: “Coincidences are just God’s way of remaining anonymous.” However, may we add another witness for the skeptics to consider? For the accident occurred precisely 76 days from the day of our anointing the Capitol! I think it is safe to say that there is some cleansing going on.

We noted last month how already a huge shake-up erupted in Great Britain’s government, involving sex scandals, and misuse of public funds. Could the cleansing have anything to do now with the two American politicians who have recently admitted to having current/recent extramarital affairs? Two weeks ago, Republican Senator John Ensign of Nevada ‘fessed up, and in the past couple of days, South Carolina Republican Governor Mark Sanford has admitted to a year-long affair with an Argentinean woman. Yesterday, Sanford was likening himself to King David’s fornication with Bathsheba.

Admittedly, from time to time there are sex scandals in the American government, that is not unusual. But I find not only the timing to be key, but who these men are. For both were rising stars in the Republican Party and both had their eye on the White House. (Is our Father cleansing the way for the rise of Dr. Ron Paul and/or Governor Sarah Palin? What a ticket that would make! See Resources list on p. 4.) Sanford was in fact the Chairman of the Republican National Committee until his resignation June 24th, when he returned to the U.S. from Argentina, whereupon he immediately held a news conference and admitted his affair. “Coincidentally,” it was exactly 76 days from the opening day of our D.C./Manassas Conference (April 10th) to Sanford’s resignation.

Both Ensign and Sanford had reputations as “family values” Republicans. Surely, both men will now find a run for the 2012 Republican nomination to be difficult if not futile, because many conservatives—many of whom are Republican—will not tolerate such behavior by their candidates. This contrasts sharply with liberals and Democrats (in general), who not only could care less aboutthe sexual peccadilloes of their politicians, but who then promote them to higher office. Bill Clinton certainly comes to mind, but there is also Congressman Barney Frank, who is openly homosexual, and who, even after it was discovered that his “boyfriend” was running a male prostitution ring out of Frank’s D. C. apartment, was promoted to the top ranks of Democrats in Congress.

Further notes on Sanford: he is the son of a cardiologist; i.e., a heart doctor. Recall that while our anointing of the bottom step at the Capitol was with castor oil (and covered with a sweet-smelling Hawaiian perfume oil which our dear Irish sister, Maureen, had brought back from the islands when Stephen Jones had held a Tabernacles gathering there a couple years ago), that our anointing of the top step was with Frankincense—we pray for you, Barney!—and we topped the Frankincense with a blend of essential oils called “Joy.” Why Joy? Because its ingredients are for the healing of the heart, including the emotional and spiritual components. We were led to use it as being appropriate for healing the heart of the nation—our Capitol/Capital—and for the hearts of all the people.

Another curious fact about Sanford is that while working on his MBA in 1987, Sanford was trained by the international banking firm of Goldman Sachs. Robert Rubin and Hank Paulson were each CEO of Goldman Sachs before “serving” in the administrations of Democrat Bill Clinton and Republican George Bush. (See Resource list: The Creature from Jekyll Island for background on the banking system.) Goldman Sachs made gigantic profits during the subprime mortgage meltdown, and then became a huge beneficiary of the “bailout” funds to boot! It becomes obvious whom Rubin and Paulson were serving.

Senator John Ensign has a biblical name. Of course, John is prominently in the Bible, but I am speaking of “ensign.” It comes from two Hebrew words. One is tAa 'owth {oth}; the other is snE nec {nace}. Their meanings are similar and include the idea of a banner, a standard (as in a flag), a warning, and a sign, including the idea of a miraculous sign or prophetic signs! The several uses of these Hebrew words in the Old Testament would provide enough study for ten months of FMS’s, but I would commend Psalm 74 for your perusal. It seems to have special relevance to our current national predicament. Just to give you a sample...

Psalm 74:1...O God,...why doth thine anger smoke against the sheep of thy pasture? [Sheep are US.]

2 Remember thy congregation, which thou hast purchased of old; ...this mount Zion, [in the USA—JWB]...

3 Lift up thy feet unto the perpetual desolations; even all that the enemy hath done wickedly in the sanctuary...

4 Thine enemies roar in the midst of thy congregations; they set up their ensigns for signs….[tAa 'owth {oth} for both words—JWB.]

7 They have cast fire into thy sanctuary, they have defiled by casting down the dwelling place of thy name to the ground.

9 We see not our signs [tAa 'owth {oth}]: there is no more any prophet: neither is there among us any that knoweth how long.

10 O God, how long shall the adversary reproach? shall the enemy blaspheme thy name for ever?

Israel of old was in a predicament much as we (modern Israel) are facing. The enemies of our Father have done wickedly in D. C. and all over the land (i.e., the sanctuary, on one level of understanding). “We see not our signs; there are no more prophets.” This speaks in general—God always has a remnant—but, the church is blind and the people follow blind leaders. Jesus said they will all fall in the ditch. As a nation, would anyone disagree? We are in the ditch and it’s full of dung! Let the cleansing continue.

The Dung Story, Episode Two

Our first episode concerned the castor oil anointing and how that might relate to the cleansing of dung (= idolatry and witchcraft) from the Capitol-Capital. This episode concerns another aspect of dung and its spiritual applications. For, as all good husbandmen (farmers) know, dung is wonderful fertilizer. As a boy growing up on a farm in Ohio, I sometimes had to shovel the dung into the manure spreader. Only as an adult did I learn that my great uncle was the actual inventor of the manure spreader and that invention sparked the beginning of New Idea farm implement company over a century ago. Note: if anyone does a web search to verify this, you will find the official New Idea company history (NI was sold to AGCO some years ago) does not tell the whole story.

You see, my great uncle was a mechanical genius, and did invent the machine—I’ve seen the very building where he worked. It is still standing in Coldwater, Ohio, a block from the former headquarters of New Idea and near my birthplace. But great uncle Ben did not have the money to bring his invention to market. Enter his father-in-law, Joseph Oppenheim (for the record, German Catholic family, not Jewish), who provided the money and therefore, took the credit.

Interestingly enough, a very similar thing happened with my wife’s father. He invented a new type of sod-harvesting machine but didn’t have the financial wherewithal. Therefore to this day, I often see “his” machines carried piggyback on the tail end of semi-trucks full of sod and the nameplate on the machine says Princeton-Teledyne Mfg.

Back to the dung story, the “bottom” line is: From a genetic perspective, I ought to be a master of spreading dung for fertilizer. But—and I speak spiritually and seriously now—I probably have as many struggles as the next person in doing what is right when someone throws dung at me. And that is the point we are coming to. Doing the right thing with spiritual dung is part of the training that all God’s overcomer candidates must undergo—and it is a seemingly unending training; new opportunities are presented nearly every day. To set the stage for the story of our recent dunging at Manassas, I must share with you an incident of dunging that happened ten years ago.

In my lectures at Manassas (see Resource list), I recounted the history of our major gatherings over the past dozen years, beginning at Hagerstown, Maryland, in 1997. I also briefly told the story of our ten years of conferences at Philadelphia and thence this past April to Manassas. Stephen discerned at our second Hagerstown conference in 1998 that, prophetically, it was Hagar’s Town—whose son, Ishmael, does not inherit the Abrahamic covenant birthright with Isaac. At that meeting, the bondwoman and her son were prophetically “cast out”(see Galatians 4:30). In early 2000, we began to plan a Tabernacles Bible Conference in Quincy, Illinois. We had an acquaintance there who had a large facility and it seemed that it would be a perfect venue.

But God had something else in mind. Long story short—again I refer you to my Inheritance at Manassas lectures for the full story—a certain self-appointed “watchdog group” heard of our plans and went into action slandering us in the Quincy newspaper and broadcast media with all kinds of names such as that Stone Kingdom Ministries is a hate group, or a racist group, or they are a bunch of white supremacists, etc.

It was incredible what fear of us they generated in that city. They called a meeting in Quincy of all the ministers (66 of them), plus the mayor and city council members, along with the police chief and other officials of Quincy, all for the purpose of informing them about the “danger” of allowing Stone Kingdom Ministries to hold a Bible Conference there. “All the city was in an uproar” (see Acts 17). We ultimately were offered a meeting place in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, and praised God for it, because it became crystal clear (like a champagne glass at a wedding feast) that Father wanted us to meet there instead!

Now fast forward to the past few months. As you recall from the May FMS, we had been provided a meeting facility in a restaurant called the City Tavern. But as the time drew near for the Manassas Conference, we grew increasingly concerned that the “upper room” at the City Tavern would be too small to accommodate all who were planning to attend.

Again, our Father orchestrated events so that we were certain He wanted us to gather elsewhere. He did this by using another “watchdog” group (and theirpatsy group, some kind of “human rights” group or some such ad hoc group) who let the local police know that they were planning to picket and protest our presence at the City Tavern.

Acts 17:8 And they troubled the people and the rulers [police] of the city, when they heard these things.

The Manassas police informed the owners of the City Tavern of the planned picketing. The owners then informed us that we could not meet there. The owners, three brothers of Greek ancestry, are very nice people. We love them. Had I been in their shoes, I might have made the very same business decision.

In any event, we praise God and we thank the would-be protestors for playing their part in having us move to exactly where God wanted us to be. I wondered, though, if they would show up to picket and protest the new location: the Manassas Four Points by Sheraton. We had encountered threats like this in our Philadelphia gatherings also, but the Sheraton management there were familiar with us from previous years and knew that the harassment was a pack of lies. They stood with us.

As it happened, no protestors came to the Four Points. But if they had, it would have been nothing but our Father’s hand using them to sling even more “dung” at us. I discussed the possibility with a few others and we were resolved that if they came, we would attempt to speak reasonably with them, telling them we would welcome them to attend our sessions and see for themselves that we taught about the love of Jesus. We would bless them, not curse them.

Matthew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Cursing them would be like picking up the dung they threw at us and flinging it back at them. The proper action for one being dunged is to let it slide off of us, bury it at our feet, and use it properly as fertilizer so we may grow more and better fruit for our master, Jesus. May He guide all of us to do so. Amen.


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