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Our country needs a Savior right now…

Dec 27, 2021

We hope all our readers/viewers were blessed in some way this past weekend! There is much talk about “boosters” lately. This 58-second video might give your faith and hope a boost! From Gateway Pundit: QUOTE:

“Our Country Needs a Savior Right Now and Our Country Has a Savior. And It’s Not Me. It’s Someone Much Higher” – President Trump in Dallas on Christmas Week 


President Trump is everything the media says he isn’t. On Sunday President Trump spoke at Pastor Robert Jeffress’ First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Trump delivered a wonderful speech reassuring the congregation on Christmas Week.

President Trump: “Our country needs a savior right now and our country has a savior. And it’s not me. It’s not me. It’s someone much higher than me.”

Amen. The focus has gone from man to God. God is the one ultimately delivering us. The rest of us are vessels. God bless you this Christmas week. Via Midnight Rider Channel. END QUOTE

Amen to all the above! But I suggest that you will want to hear it in context. Here’s a link to the full 58-second video clip


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