James ill—with Chinavirus? Omicron variant?

Dec 30, 2021

Although I am sure many readers already pray for me regularly, please double up until my illness passes. I was gone last weekend visiting family and friends. I drove home on Monday (four-hour drive) and for the first time since the Chinavirus came to our shores, I have gotten ill.

Having heard from many of our friends around the country and the very difficult symptoms they have dealt with, I feel blessed. Mine are comparatively mild—typical of the omicron variant. I first got a mildly scratchy throat.

When I arrived home, I immediately gargled/drank my daily ACV (apple cider vinegar). The sore throat was gone in a couple hours. I also began taking Vitamin C every hour or two, and ever since then, along with zinc.

Monday night I felt fever coming on, along with headache, dizziness and mental fog. My fever was 99.5 degrees. I awakened Tuesday morning—after a fitful night—with no sore throat. Praising God for progress.


(Above: Web grab of the supposed omicron variant per Fauci's NIAID)

As you saw, I was able to get a blog posted on Tuesday. By Tuesday evening I had begun to feel muscle aches, and the headache and fever were getting worse. My temp was 100.7. However, I have had no chills or night sweats, said to be typical of the Omicron variant. But along with the fever came fatigue and exhaustion that I have not experienced in many years, perhaps decades.

I should have done it sooner, but Tuesday evening I took a squirt of Ivermectin. I had taken it on three or four occasions over the past six months just to see if I noticed anything without having any CV symptoms. I noticed nothing.

Knowing that it was flavored with apple (because horses love apples), I decided to put the paste on a slice of Granny Smith apple. Not a good idea! I quickly chewed up the rest of the apple slices to get all the paste taste out of my mouth.

I have not lost my sense of taste or smell, but I have also not desired to eat anything since breakfast Monday morning before I drove home. Thankfully, I also have not experienced any nausea. I have felt just a tiny bit of upper chest congestion—very mild, such that I have almost no cough.

I share all these details with you to let you know what works for me and maybe will work for you, in case you should have any symptoms. I, of course, am not a medical doctor, so everyone is responsible for their own decisions. The blog we posted Tuesday was a huge list of things one can do to restore health. With my fatigue I have not had time to read it all.

So, what I have done in self-treatment is what I remember from information I have posted since the CV began. I slept nearly all day yesterday and was afraid I would be awake all night.

But I slept fitfully again last night with the fatigue and dizziness so bad it took me three times as long to walk down the hall. My mental fog (now mild) was so weird and so strange that I doubt that I could have recited the third-grade multiplication tables.

Phone calls from friends have reminded me of things to use also. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is one. When my sore throat was knocking at the door again this morning, I sprayed it all around inside my mouth (let it work a few minutes, and then swallowed it). This afternoon, the sore throat is gone.

Plus, so that my lungs remain uninfected—or maybe they already are, to a slight degree—I diffused the essential oil blend, theefs. Yes, it is a deliberate misspelling so that the wonderful company that makes the product will not have to tell me take down this post. I have been a distributor for their products for 23 years and would not use any other.

Some years ago, as the FDA came down hard on the company, Jung Liffing, they had to force compliance on me not to make any claims. So I am still complying. I am making no claims—just reporting to you what happened to me after I diffused it on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Additionally, I rubbed it on my feet in the “lung” area, if you are familiar with foot reflexology. At this point, my lungs feel normal. But I will keep diffusing at nights and rubbing it on my feet.

As of late this morning (Thursday, 12/30), my temp had decreased slightly to 100.6. Due to fatigue, I cannot promise when I will be back posting—hopefully, very soon. My assistant sent out the SKFellowship announcement letters yesterday. The SKF meetings in the Chattanooga and Atlanta area are slated for January 8 & 9. I will contact the regulars by email next week as I see how my recovery is progressing.

But at this point, I am so fatigued, I can hardly get anything done. For example, in writing this blog, I had to turn off the computer and rest four times (resting for a half hour to an hour and a half at each interval).

So please pray for my health/strength to return. Meanwhile, I cannot get the January Feed My Sheep mailing out on time (haven’t begun yet), nor the strength to prepare a lecture next week. I will let you regular attendees know via email about whether we have to postpose the SKF in January.

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