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Christmas eve encouragement for our readers/viewers

Dec 24, 2021

As I have written previously, I have come to be a frequent listener/viewer of the six days a week news and analysis of current events by “Dave Episode” (see here for a note on the moniker).

One of his recent episodes (December 20, 2021) was one of the best summaries of our present situation.

It touches on many aspects of what is happening—from the “plandemic” to the vax agenda, from the 16-year plan of the cabal to the “dark winter” predicted for the unvaxxed, to why Trump promoted the “vaccines,” to why Durham is not acting faster, to why Hillary and others have not been arrested, etc.  

For those readers already red-pilled or substantially beyond the “newbie” stage, you will find this very encouraging! Dave shows how the plans of the good guys “Trump and the patriots” are unfolding precisely to thwart the evil plans of the cabal, and to bring about the fall of Mystery Babylon, followed by a bright new future.

To be sure, Dave never mentions Mystery Babylon—never explores the situation on religious/spiritual terms—but that is not his role. That is part of our role, but one needs to have understanding of the world—even though we are not “of the world” (system), in order to better understand how it all fits the Scriptures.

For newbies, please fasten your seat belt and bring your tray to the upright and locked position as this presentation by Dave may create some turbulence in your present world view.  

But we can assure you, it is all for your good. I have not linked to the economic news portion, but only to the political and current events segment of the episode. Here is the link to that portion. It is entitled: Ep. 2657b - How Do You Defuse A Bomb, Dark Clouds Are Forming, History Is Being Made. It runs about 51:33 on the Rumble version.


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