Boeing among latest companies to cancel mandatory vaccinations

Dec 20, 2021

The headline above is more good news. Last week we reported on several federal courts which struck down “resident” Biden’s dictate that companies with 100 or more employees must require their workers to get “vaccinated.” The court strike-downs were good news. We will get to the Boeing story below.

Now another court has ruled the opposite way. That is not necessarily bad news because it means that it will now be up to the Supreme Court for a decision on the matter.

Although “resident” Biden’s diktats are clearly unconstitutional, I am not optimistic that the Supreme Court will rule constitutionally and for the preservation of our liberties.

The Supreme Court has long been corrupted. Remember how fake “conservative” Chief Justice John Roberts ruled on Obamacare?

Nevertheless, this has to play itself out in order to show all Americans that there will be no solution in the Supreme Court to our national problems. As Q has often stated, the military is the only way. But that will only “kick in” when all other means have been exhausted. We’re getting there.  

To be clear, do not think when I (or Q) say “the military” that we are referring to the current crop of “woke” generals like Milley and his cohorts, or the Biden administration’s Defense Secretary and the military that they allegedly command.

No, we are referring to the higher and “other” military of which DJT is still Commander-in-Chief. This is under the Devolution contingencies of the continuity of government procedures of which we have blogged previously. See here to get started. About that, I am quite optimistic. Now to the Boeing story.


QUOTE: After initially announcing that it would require U.S. workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to comply with a federal order, Boeing Co. told its employees Dec. 17 that it’s suspending the mandate.  Boeing employs about 5,700 people in South Carolina, where its 787 Dreamliner program is based. END QUOTE

Here is the link to the full story in the Charleston, SC Post and Courier

From the Charleston Press: QUOTE: While some [companies] decided not to fully implement the vaccine mandates for their employees because of staffing shortage, Boeing decided to cancel the previously announced vaccine mandate after reviewing a recent U.S. District Court ruling that halted enforcement of President Joe Biden’s vaccine requirement for federal contractors, or at least that’s what the company said.

Their decision was announced late Friday… According to Boeing, the initial announcement for the vaccine mandate came mid-October when the company announced all of their 140,000 employees should get fully vaccinated.

Nearly 57,000 of the workers were based in Washington [state]. The South Carolina Department of Commerce estimated Boeing South Carolina employs 7,500 workers. END QUOTE   Full story here. 

In a related story, former law professor, David Clements, put out an insightful Telegram post that I discovered last night. We had blogged previously showing the video of him explaining to his law class why he would not get the jab and that he would not wear a mask.

He was fired shortly thereafter. Now he has lent his expertise to states conducting forensic audits. Here is his website and here below is what he posted on Telegram. [Emphasis mine, and comments in [brackets] are mine—JWB] 


QUOTE: Many commenters [and some friends of mine] are upset that Trump has not forcefully denounced Fauci and the vaccines. I think the reason is self-evident. The propaganda media [the BM, the Babylonian Media] have always been the real threat and enemy to the President and the American people.

If Trump declared the vaccines to be unsafe, we would still be under a complete government shutdown. By making a war time decision, he forced the enemy to play their cards earlier than they wanted, and in the process, the hypocrisy and lies of big pharma have been exposed.

[That we are at war is what allows DJT to initiate and employ the Devolution process.]

Trump made everyone aware of the therapeutics that work to treat Covid-19 starting back in March 2020. Did you listen? Is their [sic] any lack of information out there for you to make an informed decision now that we've identified the propagandists?

Everyone with a brain knows that Ivermectin and HCQ work to treat COVID-19 and that the experimental vaccines are unnecessary. You have been awakened and see the propaganda machine for what it is.

We the People are sovereign.  We the People believe in choice and personal responsibility.  Let’s act like it. Trump does not, and should not, supply your thinking on what I or you put into our bodies.

Trump made the only decision he could make.  A costly one, yes. But the only decision, nonetheless. Trump is a genius. END QUOTE

There will always be casualties in war. Had President Trump not made the right decision, we would have seen millions of real casualties from Covid, and the “vaxes;” not with Covid, which are real deaths, but which are the unfortunate deaths (including two of my cousins) who are in reality succumbing to underlying health problems.


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