Worship of Aztec gods now in public school!

Nov 2, 2021

Something I learned in school always bothered me. It was in classes in World History when I learned about the Aztecs and other tribes that practiced human sacrifice. 

My memory may be a bit fuzzy as to the exact details, but those details are irrelevant to my main point. I remember learning how the king/high priest would lead the tribe/nation in an annual (maybe it was more often, but this is one of those details), sacrifice to their gods. 


The sacrificial victim was usually/always (?) a beautiful, young virgin (or young male) who would be chosen. She/he would be led up to the top of the place of sacrifice, (always a high place) where she would be bound to the altar.

She would then be subjected to the most horrific tortures as she is skinned alive, and/or has one or more organs cut out, including her heart, while she is still alive and (presumably) screaming at the top of her lungs in the most unimaginable terror and pain. 

Of course, the drumming and music attending the ritual would drown out her screams. Then, the king/high priest would hold up the heart and proceed to ingest it in front of the nation. 

You get the picture. I certainly did, and as I say, I have often wondered why any people and/or their leaders would engage in such horrendous and heinous religious practices. Over the years, some answers to my questions have emerged. 

First, they did it because their gods told them to do it. The sacrifice was required to please those heathen gods. Such was taught to the people and thus they believed. 

Since the heathen people believed that their god controlled the fertility of the land—and hence the difference between ample food for another year versus famine and starvation—well, it is obviously a “good deal” to have one unfortunate family “take one for the team.” Just hope it’s not your family next year whose daughter or son will undergo such a hideous death.

Second, the king/high priest/witch doctor was secretly educated to understand that his ingestion of the blood of the victim would convey long life and youth-like qualities to him. This was secret knowledge that the people at large could never be told!

Hmmm… For those currently undergoing a red-pill experience, does this ring any bells? Yes, adrenochrome! The highest price drug in Hollywood and among other rich and/or famous, and powerful people. 

The Aztec high priest had never heard of the word adrenochrome, nor did he understand the science of the body’s adrenalin response, but he certainly understood its effects. 

We shall not detail anymore about adrenochrome here, but all this leads up to the latest outrage against Christian Israel in America. Is this what America’s Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote and adopted the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of religion?!

California Requires Aztec Prayer in Schools; Parents, Civil Rights Group Sue 

Here are the first few paragraphs of this news story from this past September. 

QUOTE: Parents in California and a civil rights group are suing the state over its imposition earlier this year of a novel public school curriculum that reportedly has students praying to Aztec gods.

“The curriculum’s unequivocal promotion of five Aztec gods or deities through repetitive chanting and affirmation of their symbolic principles constitutes an unlawful government preference toward a particular religious practice,” Frank Xu, president of Californians for Equal Rights Foundation, said in a statement.

“This public endorsement of the Aztec religion fundamentally erodes equal education rights and irresponsibly glorifies anthropomorphic, male deities whose religious rituals involved gruesome human sacrifice and human dismemberment.” END QUOTE

The rest of that story is here. A follow-up to that story, dated September 27, 2021, is headlined: 

California Parents Seek Court Injunction Blocking Aztec Prayers in School

The first few paragraphs are as follows: 

QUOTE: Parents and a civil rights group are asking a court to force California to immediately halt Aztec prayers in public school classrooms that are required by the California State Board of Education’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum.

This novel curriculum includes a section on “Affirmation, Chants, and Energizers.” Among these is the “In Lak Ech Affirmation,” which invokes five Aztec deities—Tezkatlipoka, Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli, Xipe Totek, and Hunab Ku. 


The pagan prayers address the deities both by name and traditional titles, recognize them as sources of power and knowledge, invoke their assistance, and give them thanks.

Aztec religious practices included the cutting out of human hearts and the flaying of victims and wearing of their skin. END QUOTE

The rest of that story is here. 

Do you think that type of gruesome “religious” ritual was wiped out by the coming of the European explorers? Or could it possibly be going on even to this very day in the USA, the most “advanced” civilization on the planet? A personal and national repentance and return to the laws of the one, true God of the Christian Bible is the solution.

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