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Heartbeat Bill prevents over 2,000 abortions in one month!

Nov 1, 2021



Photo by Rene Asmussen/Pexels

“Abortions dropped by about 50 percent in Texas in September after a new law prohibiting most abortions went into effect, according to a new study.

“The drop was ascertained (pdf) by the Texas Policy Evaluation Project. The group compared the number of abortions performed at Texas clinics this September (2,164) to the amount in September 2020 (4,313). …

“The law, which went into effect on Sept. 1, bars physicians from performing an abortion without first testing for a fetal heartbeat. If the heartbeat is detected, an abortion can only be done if the doctor determines a medical emergency exists.” 

The complete story in The Epoch Times is here. More information on the same story is here in The Gateway Pundit under this headline: 

Abortions Drop By The Thousands After Texas Heartbeat Bill — Ghoulish Liberals Call It “Devastating”

And still more is in this story in Breitbart News, from which we quote:

“The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments on Monday, November 1, regarding the constitutionality of the Texas Heartbeat Act, which effectively bans abortions in the state after six weeks gestation when a fetal heartbeat is detected.

“In a surprising order last week, the Court granted review – called a writ of certiorari – sought by several abortion clinics, including Whole Women’s Health and various Planned Parenthoods. 

“Although the Supreme Court granted certiorari before judgment several times during the Trump administration, typically multiple years pass without the justices short-circuiting the normal process of appellate review.

“And even when the Court does “grant cert” before the relevant appeals court has rendered its judgment, it usually still goes through a normal process of filing briefs and preparing for oral argument, which typically takes more than three months.

“Here, by contrast, the justices had just granted cert on October 22, ordered all the briefs to be filed within days, and scheduled oral arguments scheduled for the following week – just ten days from granting review to hearing the case.” 

All underlining emphasis mine—JWB. The full story in Breitbart is here: Supreme Court to Hear Arguments in Texas Abortion Law Case Next Week

I could be wrong, but given the Supreme Court’s lackluster (that's putting it mildly) performance on issues of freedom and morality, this most unusual speed-up of the court processes seems to me to be foreshadowing a quick reversal of Texas’ move towards righteousness, to the benefit of the Baal and Moloch (alt. spelling: Molech) worshippers among us. 

Regardless of the SC’s final decision, God will have the real final decision! Meanwhile, pro-life Christians and patriots must continue on in the battle.  

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