Finally! Medical proof the Covid jab is “murder”—UK doctor

Nov 29, 2021

3 John 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Those who have been paying attention—which we assume includes most of our readers—have noted the drastic increase in heart and blood circulation problems of all sorts in people of all ages who have received the so-called “vaccinations,” or booster shots. 

So drastic has been the number of casualties that many suspect the vax is the culprit, and thus many Americans have ceased calling them “vaccinations” —which even the manufacturers have admitted they are not—but instead, informed citizens are calling them “clot shots,” as in blood clots. 

Remember how the BM (sycophant Babylonian Media) have been telling everyone to “follow the science?” We agree—let us do that, but let us not follow the “science,” when it is not, but is bogus science, and nothing but more lies and propaganda from the BM. 

Now comes this article from Circulation, one of the major and “respected” journals under the aegis of the American Heart Association. I am thankful to God that somehow this got published. I have never given a penny to the AHA and never will, but I am pleased this article made it to publication. 


Perhaps some of the well-paid stooges of Mystery Babylon at the AHA are beginning to suspect that they themselves will not be spared from the global genocide program now underway in a most serious way. 

I have asserted previously that we are at war—WW 3 or WW4, depending on how one counts conflicts as World Wars. This is more proof.

In our continuing effort to provide you, our friends and readers, with information which may assist you in prospering and being in good health, we pass on the following: 

On November 8, 2021, a study appeared in the medical journal, Circulation, which has led a UK doctor to declare:  Finally! Medical Proof the Covid Jab is “Murder”


Dr. Vernon Coleman wrote as follows (all boldface emphases are mine—JWB): 


It’s the 22nd November 2021 and this is the moment when the jabbing has to stop.

A couple of hours ago Darren Smith, the editor of the excellent The Light Paper, sent me a paper from the medical journal Circulation which proves that the covid-19 jabbing experiment has to stop today. 

I believe that any doctor or nurse who gives one of the mRNA covid jabs after today will in due course be struck off the appropriate register and arrested.

The journal Circulation is a well-respected publication. It’s 71-years-old, its articles are peer reviewed and in one survey it was rated the world’s no 1 journal in the cardiac and cardiovascular system category.

I’m going to quote the final sentence of the abstract which appears at the beginning of the article. This is all I, you – or anyone else – needs to know.

`We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy and other vascular events following vaccination.’

That’s it. That’s the death bell for the covid-19 mRNA jabs. The endothelium is a layer of cells lining blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. T cells are a type of white cell.

We always knew these jabs were experimental. My video in December 2020, just under a year ago, warned about these specific risks. I read out a list of possible adverse events published officially by the American Government.

But now we have the proof of the link. The mRNA jab is, remember, known not to stop people catching covid. And it is known not to stop people spreading it. I don’t believe anyone disputes these facts.

And yet vast numbers of deaths and serious injuries have occurred among people who have been jabbed. Look at the item entitled ‘Updated: how many are the vaccines killing?’ on my websites.

Now we have the evidence to stop the jabbing programmes. In the study quoted in Circulation, a total of 566 patients aged 28 to 97 were tested. They were equally divided among men and women.

‘At the time of this report,’ says the author, ‘these changes persist for at least 2.5 months post second dose of vaccine.

At the very least, the use of these jabs must stop now. Immediately, until more long-term tests are done. If there were any journalists left in the mainstream media, this news would be lead item on all TV and radio programmes and be on the front pages of all newspapers.

Thank heavens for free speech platforms such as BNT [Brand New Tube, an alternative to YouTube—JWB] which enables me to bring you this news. I’ve said for a year that this jab was an experiment – certain to kill and injure.

We’ve always known that to experiment on people without their full consent and understanding – after disclosing all the risks and potential side effects – is a crime. Now the evidence exists that must stop this experiment.

If the covid jab experiment continues after today then we know for absolute sure that this is not a medical treatment, it is a cull.Please share this video immediately with everyone you know. Thank you. END QUOTE


Here is a link to the video of Dr. Vernon Coleman, in which he simply reads the above-quoted text.  It runs about four minutes. 

Here is a link to the abstract (summary) in the journal Circulation: It is entitled: 

“Abstract 10712: Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning”

Please share this blog with all your relatives, friends, enemies (Love your enemies… — Jesus Christ), and anyone else whose eyes could be opened by this information. Go ahead, check it out, and then pass it on! I thank you, and others will thank you, too.


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