Faith in God and in His provision

Nov 5, 2021

3 John 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

As the Covid “pandemic” continues, and the so-called “vaccinations” are heavily pushed by the BM (Babylonian Media; i.e., cabal-controlled mainstream media) as the only way to slow the “pandemic,” the unblinded among us are continually seeking God’s ways in all things, including health.

Our faith is in Him. At the same time, we recognize from the Scriptures that He often (usually) provides aspects of His creation for the solution, or at least as part of the solution.

As part of our continuing effort to pass along educational information vis à vis Covid and the vaxes, we have solicited information from a healthcare professional, a friend of ours, whom we shall call “Mel.”

Mel has decades of experience as a Doctor of Naturopathy, a four-year degree in Clinical Nutrition, and is a Master Herbalist. Here are Mel’s suggestions for your prayerful consideration:

Nutritional Support for Flu/Covid 

Our Father in heaven made a perfect world with perfect foods that help the body heal. Based on the type of flu/Covid proteins that we are currently fighting in this world, renowned herbalists with expertise in this area, have categorized certain herbs and foods that help the body’s immune system fight off microbes. 


The following list appears to be very helpful.

Echinacea root – MediHerb’s Premium tablets or liquid has very high levels of immune support.

Goldenseal – MediHerb’s tablets or liquid has been shown to support the lungs and thin the mucus.

Berberine – MediHerb tablets – This is a sister to the Goldenseal and helps with supporting the lungs as well.

Olive Leaf – Nature’s Sunshine capsules. has been sought for thousands of years to benefit the body’s defenses against microbes.  There are over 100 scriptures in the Bible that mention this tree leaf.

Cat’s Claw – Una De Gato – Nature’s Sunshine capsules.  This is a vine that climbs a tree with a hook that looks like a cat’s claw.  It has been shown in research to be beneficial in fighting viruses and used in cancer treatments. This Complex also has Echinacea, and Astragulus herbs in it.

Mullein – Nature’s Sunshine capsules.  This herb thins mucus in nose and lungs, to relieve difficulty breathing.  

St John’s Wort – MediHerb tablets or liquid.  This is a very powerful immune herbal plant. 

Elderberry Concentrate – This liquid is very good for fever support, heart support, and immune support.

Calcium Lactate – Standard Process tablets or powder supports the immune system and stops fever. 

Cataplex AC or ACP – Standard Process tablets are a whole-body immune support with bioflavonoids which are useful for inflammation of soft tissues.  This has Vitamins A and C in it.  ACP has Quercetin in it.

Cataplex D – Standard Process tablets which raises calcium in the tissues. It acts as a hormone and can be overdosed. The body can synthesize it with the help of sunlight. 

Zinc Chelate – Standard Process tablets which prevents the virus from entering the cell membrane. Losing one’s taste and smell indicates a deficiency.

Colloidal Silver – Spraying the eyes and nose several times a day is a prevention of viruses, and bacteria entering the mucus membranes. This anti-microbial spray kills on contact and can be swallowed several times a day as well. Two teaspoons in a nebulizer can be used to kill infection and enhances the deep breathing and raise oxygen levels.

Green Tea – Contains EGCG which helps the zinc to enter the cell membrane. Several cups of hot tea a day is very beneficial during illness. If taste is an issue, regional honey can be added to the tea. Also, EmerGen-C packet adds vitamin C and enhances flavor.

Artemisinin – MediHerb tablet.  The biological word for this is sweet wormwood, which is the natural substitute for HCQ and Ivermectin drugs. It can be taken as a preventative or to aid the body’s immune system if symptoms begin. It has also been used by cancer patients.

As a Naturopath, I have used these lines [product brands] for 25 years and found that the concentration of nutrients are 20 times stronger than any you can buy in the commercial health food stores.  Improved wellness is much quicker and effective with these products.

The critical steps to curbing any microbial invasion of the body, is to immediately start taking these every three hours with plenty of water.  If you can stay ahead of the severe symptoms for at least 72 hours, the body can usually stop the progression of the virus or bacteria.

Additionally, bed rest is a must. Processed sugar is detrimental to the immune system, and should be avoided completely.  (Canned drinks, and sweets). 

My successful fights over the years against viruses, have always been to take 6-8 doses of 2 tablets of each, everyday for 72 hours or until symptoms subside.  Then, I take 2 with each meal for the next week.


NOTE: We provide the above as educational information. We make no claims that any products or protocols will cure any disease. Each reader should to do his/her own due diligence and take responsibility for their choices. Ask the Father for the guidance of His Holy Spirit.


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