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Exposing the World’s Most Dangerous Lie!

Nov 30, 2021

A Glenn Beck documentary: Crimes or Cover-Up?  

Back near the beginning of my series of teachings on Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, I prominently mentioned Glenn Beck. 

I stated that I considered him a “prophet.” (Yes, I know he’s Mormon; I discussed that, too.) I do not mean a prophet in the sense of someone like the late Kim Clement foretelling the future with a “thus saith the Lord,” but a prophet in the sense of a teacher. 

I related how I felt he was/is the answer to my frequent prayer of over 40 years ago. You see, in the late 70s-early 1980, I was working very hard to awaken my fellow Americans. I am still doing that, only on a different stage, or in a different venue, if you will. 

But I prayed ardently back then that God would bring forth someone with a “big megaphone” who would reach millions of Americans, to awaken them to the grave threats to our God-given liberties. Glenn is still doing that.

I highly recommend this very recent, two-hour documentary giving the facts with all the documentation on the whole criminal enterprise, centered around Fauci, a scientist at UNC-Chapel Hill, NC, a Chinese Communist scientist in Wuhan, and others, whose dark work has already resulted in the untimely deaths of untold numbers of Americans.

Here is the link on YouTube, and when it is removed, here is the link to the whole thing on Glenn’s Blaze TV website

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