Documenting the Covid & vax conspiracies

Nov 19, 2021

Before you click on the link, here are some things I ask you to bear in mind. This is a very powerful presentation by Dr. David Martin, worth listening to all the way through. It is 41 minutes in length. 


Dr. David Martin

Not far into it, he points an accusatory finger at Donald Trump for authorizing the “warp speed” development of “vaccines” to stop the spread of the coronavirus. I will give Dr. Martin the benefit of the doubt as someone who has not thought it all the way through. Yes, Trump did authorize by executive order the release of the “vaccines.” But that is not the whole story.

I presented my conclusions on that question in two blogs of some months ago. If you have not read them; please do. You will then not be disturbed by Dr. Martin’s presumed ignorance in this matter, and his not-so-subtle undermining of confidence in Donald Trump. 

The first one was posted on July 7 under the heading, “Why did President Trump promote harmful “vaccines?” The second was posted on July 13, headed “Vandersteel on why Trump promotes the jab.”

Other than this caveat, I found Dr. Martin’s presentation to be very important in terms of the war in which we find ourselves engaged. When someone or some group of conspirators are trying to kill you, do you have a choice to sit on the sidelines? 

Dr. Martin brings forth documented facts showing the criminal culpability of Dr. Fauci and the eco-fascist, Dr. Peter Daszak, along with the CDC, FDA, and many others. 

He also addresses the legality of “mandates” taking away our liberties due to a “global emergency,” such as a “pandemic,” whether the pandemic is bogus or not. Martin shows just how far back this conspiracy to depopulate us began.

Here is the link to the video of Dr. David Martin. I would close with “Enjoy!” but that hardly seems appropriate for this weighty matter. Instead, inform yourself!

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