Red October is here!

Oct 4, 2021

“…for such a time as this.” – Esther 4:14

Well, here we are. It is October 1, 2021. I do not expect to see any further posts from Q, aka Team 17. Q has now been superseded. By whom? More on that below. However, the content of the hundreds of Q drops is now more important and pertinent than ever, as it lines up amazingly with Bible prophecies.

I will not have time to delineate the Bible prophecies in this blog. Suffice it to say that much of it is already “in the can,” that is, it is already published in my Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom studies, both in the CD albums and partially in the MBSK series which have been posted to date as blogs.   

As I have followed and studied the Team 17 posts in some detail for the past several years, I am now strongly of the opinion that we are about to see the events come to pass that were described in the posts of late October and November of 2017, perhaps interspersed with the posts of the same dates from the intervening years of 2018-2020. 

In Q decoding parlance, there is a “four-year delta” to those posts from 2017. This means that the events which did not eventuate then (in 2017) are about to happen now in 2021 and beyond, perhaps on the very dates of some of those posts. Students of the Q drops have already seen verified the uncanny accuracy of numerous of the intel drops.

In the next few paragraphs I present one example of a post which may come to pass very soon (in early November). Last night, as I listened to the latest interview with Mr. 107 (Juan O’Savin), I could almost anticipate some of his projections of where we are headed. 



John Podesta


One was his confirmation of my analysis above and before he got there (in his conversation with David Nino Rodriguez), I spoke out loud to myself recalling the Q post, “Yes, the arrest of a high-profile individual, John Podesta!” …on or about November 2nd or 3rd. Many Q students thought that might happen in 2017, or 2018, or even around the election of November 3, 2020. I could be wrong, but I do expect it now in 2021.

According to the Q posts (drops) of late October/early November 2017, this will be followed in quick succession with arrests of other high-profile individuals, which may lead to the deep state/cabal instructing their minions to create havoc in the streets of some cities—which will be put down quickly by military forces controlled by the white hats. 

Q has warned against patriots trying to get involved. Unless it is a matter of immediate self-defense, this is good advice. Let them handle it. 

In my haste to get this posted today, I am going from memory in stating that somewhere (in quite a few of the posts), Q makes reference to “Red October.” Many of us saw the movie called The Hunt for Red October many years ago. 



I do not see it as meaning we should expect to see a submarine incident, but I have thought of several other meanings to the Red October clue. 

I have thought it was a clue to the likelihood that at some October there will be a monster crash of the stock market. In his discourse, Juan O’Savin basically confirmed my strong suspicion that this is the year

Here are a few of my notes regarding the meaning of Red October which Juan elaborated on in the one hour and 17-minute interview with Mr. Rodriguez. (It is Friday, so that is convenient because readers have a weekend to get up to date with this long, but very revealing interview.)

Red October is a clear hint of red ink in the markets. The third quarter corporate earnings reports come out on Friday, October 15th. They are likely to be very negative economic news. 



Couple that with the likelihood of a global financial cascade resulting from the collapse of the Evergrande Group in China. The largest "American" banks are heavily invested in that gigantic real estate enterprise of the Chinese Communist Party. 

Thus, they will feel the fallout in a big way. What does this mean for those of us who have accounts in these behemoth banks? But all this must occur as the Mystery Babylonian financial system crumbles. Red October paves the way for a new global financial system. Pray that it is a godly system being erected by the white hats and not the nightmarish “Global Reset” of the cabal.

Red China: Pray that it not be so, but the Red Chinese might be ordered by their cabal superiors to invade the USA with "authorization" as “UN troops,” to supposedly "restore order," because there are, without doubt, more Reds as terrorist infiltrators invading with other illegal immigrants from many countries: Haiti, Mexico, Central and South America, the Middle East, and more.

Red blood: As the Q operation began to draw to a close in December 2020, Juan O’Savin, aka 107, aka 17, began to become widely known among the red-pilled community as one who spoke with great knowledge of national and global affairs. 

In my view, Juan was formerly known as JFK, Jr., and was intimately involved in the Q operation. After Q ceased posting, who better to “pop up” on various web platforms to make very reasonable explanations of what is happening? (Yes, I am familiar with the nay-sayers' arguments about the Juan-JFK, Jr. connection, but I shall not take the time here to debunk the nay-sayers.) 

So again in my view, the semi-anonymous Juan O'Savin, suddenly is popping up "everywhere" on various internet programs to pick up where Q left off. 

And now, Juan himself points to the McAfee drops as following in the footsteps of Q. The McAfee drops can be found on Telegram. John McAfee was an “eccentric cybersecurity millionaire” (McAfee antivirus software) who was recently (allegedly) killed, but he had in place a “dead man switch.” 



John McAfee


That is spy lingo for someone who hopes his “dead man switch” will prevent the bad guys from killing him. It means that, in the event of his untimely death, that trusted individuals will then release information which will be so terribly bad and revealing about the bad guys that they would not want to kill him.

Is John McAfee really dead? Or did he fake it in order to release the multi-terabytes of information he had accumulated about the nefarious deeds of the black hats/cabal, the Satanists, etc.?

The McAfee drops supersede and supplement the discourses of Mr. 107. Was McAfee a part of the Q team? I would not be surprised. His part in the ongoing white hats operation is to help awaken the public. It will be shocking to the slumbering blue-pilled majority of decent Americans.

The terabytes of info will gradually expose the horrific bloody rituals of the black hats, the Moloch worshippers, the SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) perpetrators, their kidnapping, torturing and murder of children for adrenochrome. 

Some black hats will self-terminate (more blood), rather than face justice at Gitmo; more false flags will be attempted. There may be some blood in the streets of America before this is all over, but eventually America repents and turns to...

…The saving red blood: by faith in the precious blood of Jesus shed once and for all for all mankind!



Queen Esther, risking her life to appear unbidden before her husband, the Persian king.


Juan expounds on the Book of Esther. It is the 17th book of the Bible. The plots of the bad guys are reversed. The plots of Haman and his ten sons come back upon themselves. As we have taught for years, Juan also states that the number 17 is associated with victory in the Bible. 

He further suggests that as Purim was two days of warfare against the Agagites/Amalekites, in like manner, the feast of Jubilee was a 2-year rest and economic reset. Two years of Jubilee is comparable to the 2-day situation in Esther. 

Finally, is it coincidence that David Nino Rodriguez constantly refers to Juan as “Juanito?” Of course, in Spanish, Juan is the equivalent of the English name John. The “-ito” is a suffix which means “little,” or could we say “Juanito” is a reference to “John, Jr.?” The kid by the side of the road? Hello...! Just another little hint there for us.

Unfortunately, there are a couple instances of vulgarity which mar this otherwise brilliant exposition of what is happening right now. Here is the link. Pop quiz on Monday—just teasing, of course. 

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