Is this Nasty or what?

Oct 22, 2021


"J. P." (non-clickable screenshot)

Okay, let’s have a few laughs as the weekend rolls around. Here is another satirical skit from J.P. We will laugh, but “open minded” socialists and communists will probably look like they just bit into a lemon if they dare to watch this. 

Just like Thomas Nast (1840-1902), “the Father of the American (Political) Cartoon,” used cartoon caricatures to skewer the Lefties of his day, so now J. P. uses the video format to drive home “zingers” of common sense. 

Thomas Nast

Thomas Nast

Incidentally, the word “nasty” is derived from Mr. Nast. Those being targeted (liberals and Lefties) always resort to name-calling when they cannot back up their positions with facts. Thank you, Mr. Nast, and thank you J.P. for your work to expose the idiocies of socialism. 

Our hope is that this will not only provide a little break from the grave matters we publish all week, but it can also teach us how to convey our common sense points (with a huge grin on our face) to those we are trying to reach with Truth!

So, here is J.P. explaining Why College Is a “GREAT” Idea in 2021.

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