Juan O’Savin revealed!

Oct 25, 2021

In the dramatic manner of the old TV quiz show hosts asking for … “the envelope, please.” (Drum roll, please)…

It could hardly have been more dramatic. In a gathering of uber red-pilled patriots at a hotel in Las Vegas, the announcer stutters, saying he is stalling for time. Then we see on the big screen a shot of a red Aston Martin pulling up in front of the hotel. 

A few seconds later, the figure of burly man emerges and makes his way through the lobby (from which point I grabbed this screen shot). He already has his wireless mic attached as he enters the conference room as we hear the announcer introducing Juan O’Savin, aka 107. 


Juan O'Savin October 23, 2021 in Las Vegas

Yes, several years of suspense are over as Juan has now allowed himself to be live-streamed to the world. This fact, all by itself, suggests to me that really big things are now poised to happen in staccato fashion. 

It was late last night when I found a video of the live-streaming that had occurred the night before (Saturday, October 23, 2021), courtesy of Rachel Hamm. Juan had previously been a guest on Rachel’s channel, so this was obviously all pre-arranged. 

I stayed up until 2 a.m. but could not quite get to the end of part 2 (which I shall finish tonight). As Mr. 107 began, there on stage, hanging on a pole, was a garment with a dry-cleaners’ translucent plastic bag protecting it. 

It was Melania’s dress which Juan had featured at the end of his book, Kid by the Side of the Road


(We have discussed that in a previous blog—one of many blogs in which we make mention of the work of Juan O’Savin, aka Juan O. Savin, aka 107. Using these words and the “search” feature, you will find them.)

Not surprisingly, the sidebar scroll of comments to the live-stream had a (very) few nay-sayers and trolls. E.g., “that is not Juan O. Savin; it’s not his voice,” which is an obvious troll, because anyone who has heard any of 107’s lectures on the many channels who have hosted him would instantly recognize the voice as the very same.

Other trolls were claiming he is a con man and imposter. He’s not JFK, Jr., etc. So, despite the fuzziness of the screen shot, it is about as close up of a profile shot of Juan as we can glean from these two videos. 

Late in part one, he does remove his cowboy hat, to reveal his full head of hair—which some might claim could be a wig. Fair enough. We shall not debate his original identity any further here. I have not changed my opinion on that. 

What is more important is the message he brings. I wondered on more than one occasion, if he may have “borrowed my notes.” Probably not, because it is not uncommon for the Father to let many Bible students suddenly see certain prophecies coming to fruition. 

I speak specifically here of the several times over the past few decades where we have taught that our deliverance from Mystery Babylon will be two-fold. Mr. 107 has only mentioned the one, insofar as I can discern; that being the children of Israel coming out of Egypt and having their faith stretched to the max as they go through the Red Sea.  

Juan declares we are there. I would agree with one tiny difference: the children of Israel come out of Egypt with “all the wealth of Egypt,” and that has not occurred yet in our era. But we are certainly now headed out to the beach of the “Red Sea.”

Without further comment at this time, here is the link to part one, and here is the link to part two. 

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