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Oct 23, 2021

All of the material here is copied and pasted from an email sent to me by a reader. I have clicked on a few of the links and found them operable. I recognize the names of some of those people and organizations fighting for our rights (e.g., Sidney Powell, Doug Billings,  Karen Kingston), but I do not have time to review and vet all this information. 

Time being of the essence, we present it here as information which may or may not be helpful in your situation. I have not even taken the time to reformat it, correct typos, etc. 

We cannot vouch for the accuracy of any of it. That is your responsibility as you do your own homework. Just trying to help with any and all potential resources for our readers. Thanks to the reader who sent it to me. —Dr. Bruggeman


Legally, the Pfizer “vaccine” is STILL under EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). 

Under EUA, you cannot “Mandate” the vaccine. 

Below are some resources for you to fight back. 

IT IS YOUR BODY! DO NOT LET THEM BULLY YOU OR COERCE YOU INTO TAKING THESE EXPERIMENTAL JABS, and don’t quit your job, let them fire you so you can sue them!


When you hear that EEOC guidance says “your employer can require you to get a vaccine,” this is false/ mistaken: EUAs have to have the Option to Refuse and the right to Informed Consent for EUAs. 

The EEOC’s guidance updated on May 28, 2021, only states that “federal EEO laws do not prevent an employer from requiring all employees physically entering the workplace to be vaccinated…”[1] It does not address 21 USCS § 360bbb-3, which relates to EUAs and the option to refuse.

~This is called a word game or word salad.

There is Potential Liability on Employers or Universities that Mandate Vaccines if an Employee or Student suffers any Side Effects or Death from a mandatory EUA vaccine. See

Source TG Post

Three minute vid from Defending The Republic, Attorney at Law, Julia Haller



The embedded links are to the forms found on Defending The Republic

· Assumption of Liability – in the case of mandatory vaccinations to retain employment or for other work or school related benefits, consider to demand that the employer or school have an authorized representative sign the assumption of liability agreement. A refusal to sign this will make more clear your right to refuse the jab to the organization pressuring you.
Liability Assumption  Form

· Religious exemption – in the case of mandatory vaccinations to retain employment or for other work or school related benefits, if you have a religious basis to be exempt, consider the drafts provided here and if your basis for an exemption differs, draft your own, or have an attorney draft a version using these examples but consistent with your religious reason.
Protestant Vaccine Exemption  Form
Catholic Vaccine Exemption  Form

o NEED A PASTOR to fill you out a religious exemption form? Here are two resources .

o Apostle Leon Benjamin Sr.

o Jackson Lahmeyer


“”America’s Frontline Doctors has officially launched the Legal Eagle Dream Team, and we intend to bring lawsuits across the country to challenge the constitutionality of COVID-19 mandates and restrictions.

Learn more Here
Source Post w/Video 

~ DOUG BILLINGS- Letter Templates

• Mask letter template for adults
• Mask letter template for children in school
• Employee letter addressing discriminatory policies
• Active Military letter for the jab
• Vaccine public letter
• Employee letter to company requiring the jab
• Forms to Universities requiring the jab
• Notice of Liability to schools
• Notice of liability to vaccinator



It’s a list of Law Firms and Lawyers that can help us Fight these vaccine anpd mask mandates.

Do not quit your job. An option is to tell your employer you’re not refusing it. You’re deferring until the clinical trials are over in 2 years & the safety data is analyzed & available so you can exercise “Informed consent”. If anything, let them fire you. You can claim wrongful termination as a last case scenario.


Instructions and Templates



· The Nuremberg War Crimes Code.

· The Geneva Convention.

· The UN Charter.

· The international Criminal Court Laws.

· The US Constitution.

· The Declaration of Geneva (the original, not the substitution put in by the Deep state)


There is ALOT of information here

This specifically should help with college

~C. VAX CHOICE- How to File a Private Criminal Complaint

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