Encouragement from “Dave Episode” and PP

Oct 16, 2021

Dave Episode is the humorous nickname that our fellow teacher, Ron Oja, assigned to Dave at x22 Reports. It results from Ron’s observation that Dave talks so rapidly in his standard, pre-recorded intro to every episode, that it sounds like he is saying, “Hi, this is Dave…episode number”…(whatever it is). 

Dave’s singsong, high-pitched voice in the intro was so annoying to me that for many months after Q came on the web (via anonymous posts on bulletin boards—hence, the term “Qanons), I refused to listen to Dave Episode’s analyses of the Q posts. 


One day when Ron and I were conversing on the phone, I asked him if he had ever heard of Dave at x22. In his own unique and humorous style, Ron replied, “Let’s see…oh, you mean Dave Episode…well, let’s see…yes, I have heard approximately all of them since Q began.” 

After Ron shared with me his very high opinion about Dave’s content, I decided to try to overlook the intro (I literally fast-forward over it now), but I agree with Ron that indeed, Dave’s content is second-to-none insofar as having a positive analysis of our current geo-political situation. Okay, I think Ron would agree with me that both Dave and Juan O'Savin are highly encouraging. (And no, we do not think 107 is a con artist.)

In addition to his own analysis six days a week, Dave also interviews other analysts from time to time. I blogged about Dave’s interview with “Patel Patriot” (PP) back on August 26th. You can read my report on the background of “devolution” and Mr. “Patel Patriot” here

Finding ourselves presently in the midst of “Red October,” we have seen storm clouds gathering. I will not be surprised to see a major financial crash by the end of the month. 

Today therefore is a good time to provide more encouragement to all the red-pilled among my readers and to provide more red-pill education for the newbies/normies who are just beginning to wake up. 

In this 36-minute update of Dave interviewing PP on October 15th, readers will be encouraged—as I am—that we will make it through the present darkness. It is entitled The Stage Is Set, In The End The [DS] Will Cease To Exist. ([DS] = Deep State—JWB)

Previously, PP had not shown his face in the interview, but now you can see him. Pray and prepare, but be encouraged. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you/us the Kingdom. (Luke 12:32)

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