Chapter 50, part 3: Rebelling against Mystery Babylon

Oct 29, 2021

Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, part 149—Prosperity while in captivity!  

(NOTE: I removed the generic photo of homebuilding which I had used in the previous blog in this series. I replaced it with two, more personal photos.)

For purposes of segue, I repeat the last few sentences from the previous installment. 

Now comes what might be a shocking revelation to some: Rebellion against Babylon is rebellion against God! I know that comes as a hard and bitter pill to swallow among those of you listeners who have come into some biblical understanding of our present predicament by way of the patriot movement. 

It is instinctive within us to want to fight against this ungodly system and to throw off the chains of our captivity. {NOTE: Readers should keep in mind that this lesson is drawn from a lecture I gave back in 2014. Things have progressed considerably since then.}

I understand that instinctive desire to fight against Babylon because I was there. In the very first few lectures in this series, I revealed how my own path began many decades ago when I first became educated to constitutional matters, and I learned how our government had strayed so very far from the model set forth by our Founding Fathers.

I shared later in this series how I had come to understand the unconstitutionality and the illegality of the federal income tax, how I quit paying income taxes for a few years, and then how God opened my eyes to what I am sharing with you right now. I was taken to task by the IRS, but God was merciful to me as I learned just in time and repented of my rebellion.

To repeat it, I came to understand by studying God’s Word, and specifically, these chapters of Jeremiah, that rebellion to Mystery Babylon is rebellion to God. My obvious purpose in sharing this with all my listeners is with the hope and prayer that it will prevent others from making the same mistakes that I made. 

Believe me, it can spare you and your precious family a lot of headaches and heartaches. I will elaborate on that later—but not today.

To explain briefly that rebellion to Mystery Babylon is rebellion to God, you can understand it this way. 

1. We are the literal, regathered people of Israel, and this applies to us. 

2. Even if you don’t believe we are Israel, it still applies because you also are in captivity regardless of whether you are a literal Israelite or not. 

Remember in the last two lectures how we saw that Jeremiah was to send yokes to all the nations round about the Judah Kingdom? Although they were not Israelites, they also got the yoke of Nebuchadnezzar!

Today, the entire world, every nation on the planet, is subservient to MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, regardless of whether they are among the Israel nations today or not.

3. Just as in the days of Jeremiah and the Judah kingdom, God is once again, in our era, punishing Israel for disobedience to His laws. And the whole world suffers along with it. 

At this point, I know that some are immediately thinking how that seems unfair of God to make the whole world suffer because He is punishing Israel. But I cannot detour to answer that here. 

Suffice it to say it has everything to do with God’s sovereignty and the fall of Adam. Allow me to give a plug for my book, Sacred Secrets of the Sovereignty of God. That will go a long way in furthering your understanding of a multitude of questions like that. 

Just write and ask for it by name. It’s 352 pages and costs $26 postpaid and it could change your whole attitude towards life and towards God, as many readers have already attested to me.

4. God is giving us a national whipping, but He is not doing it directly and personally. Instead, He chose to subcontract the job to Mystery Babylon. Another way to say it is that God hired agents or servants to do this job for Him. In fact, if you recall, God even called the king of Babylon, My servant. That’s Jeremiah 17, verse 6. 

Therefore, when the (then) CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, stated that he is “doing God’s work,” whether he meant it jokingly or not, it is a biblical truth! For newbies, Goldman Sachs is one of the premier entities in the Mystery Babylon cabal.

5. Let us create an analogy: Let’s say you broke the law. Now, if your county sheriff arrests you for breaking the law, you had better not resist and rebel. We all understand that. 

But the sheriff in most counties is quite a busy person, and so he has other people called deputies who help him to arrest lawbreakers. 

So, if you are being arrested by a deputy sheriff and you resist or rebel against him, there is no difference from a legal perspective whether you rebelled against a deputy or against the sheriff himself. 

Likewise, when God has deputized the entity called Mystery Babylon to rule over us, then we had better not rebel, because to do so is equivalent to rebelling against God! 

You may not like that! You may not like submitting to and serving Babylon, but do you understand the validity of the principle I am expounding to you here?

Furthermore, I realize that this raises a plethora of questions in the minds of thinking individuals. Hopefully, we can begin to address some of the major ones next time, but for the remainder of this lecture, I want to begin to expound Jeremiah’s letter to the captives already in Babylon.

He tells them they are going to be there for 70 years. You see, even while we are in captivity, there is great blessing in submitting to and in serving Babylon, as we will now see. 

Jeremiah 29: 7 And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD [Yahweh] for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.

Many of you have heard that verse countless times, especially quoted by the Christian Zionist evangelists such as John Hagee, as they misapply it to the modern state of Israel and the old city of Jerusalem. 

The Hebrew word translated peace is the well-known word shalom. But shalom has a number of other meanings including tranquility and prosperity. In fact, the Ferrar Fenton version consistently renders it prosperity in these verses. 

So, God instructs us to seek the prosperity attainable in Mystery Babylon. Obviously, this does not mean we are to seek prosperity by unlawful or immoral means.

God in fact goes further, not only commanding us to seek prosperity, but God also tells us to pray for the shalom/prosperity of Mystery Babylon, believe it or not! —because in its prosperity, we shall have prosperity! 

That’s rather startling and amazing, isn’t it? If you choose to think of this verse only in terms of peace as opposed to war, that’s okay with me; but I do believe you are thereby limiting the blessings that you can enjoy even while we are in captivity. 

Look at American history in the 20th century. Our fathers and grandfathers and great-grandfathers lived virtually the entire century in bondage under the Federal Reserve System. 

Thanks be to God, most Americans were completely blind and ignorant of the captivity. And what happened? 

Inventors and entrepreneurs of all sorts took chances and became very prosperous, and right along with that, the vast majority of Americans prospered as well. 

Our standard of living skyrocketed far above most of the rest of the world. Let me give you a few examples of these inventors and entrepreneurs. 

I will begin with one from my own family. And this is told partly with a wide grin on my face (because of the nature of the invention), and yet I am totally serious in another sense. You see, it was my great uncle who in 1903 had a new idea. So he built a model of his new idea, and then a full-scale prototype as he invented the manure spreader



Upon hearing of my New Idea ancestor, this father and son team sent a photo of themselves with their third New Idea manure spreader.

In 1900 approximately 40 percent of Americans were involved in farming. Today it is less than three percent. But you can imagine what a truly wonderful invention that was for millions of Americans in the early 1900s. Prior to that, the manure had to be dispersed into the field from a wagon one shovel load at a time. 

That invention led to what became a large company called New Idea farm machinery. The New Idea factory in the little town of Coldwater, Ohio gave good jobs for decades to many people (many of them my relatives from prior generations) who chose not to do actual farming anymore. 



Henry Ford (1863-1947)

Then there is the example of a man named Henry Ford. He created an automobile company in Detroit and tens of thousands of men had good-paying jobs for many decades. 

They were able to support their families and to have one of those automobiles for themselves. America became a mobile society where nearly everyone could travel across the country, if they so chose.

A guy named Thomas Edison invented, or improved and made practical, numerous electrical devices—including the simple light bulb. These inventions or devices made our labor easier, making us a much more efficient and vastly more productive nation. 

Edison and other inventors created devices which gave us a host of new choices in entertainment. By the middle of the 20th century, the world could be in your living room with radio and television and the phonograph. 

Down the block at the movie theater, you could enjoy real and imaginary places by watching a motion picture—a movie, a moving picture. This and thousands of other inventions and devices made our life under Mystery Babylon prosperous far beyond the level enjoyed by kings in the Middle Ages! 

As individuals, and as a nation, we were actually blessed with great prosperity while blindly serving and submitting to Mystery Babylon the Great. How about that for a great God!

In other words, even while God has subcontracted the work to Mystery Babylon of administering a national spanking us, His Israel people, God is simultaneously ameliorating the punishment by blessing us with the highest standard of living the world has ever known! What a loving Father is our God! 

Now back to verse 5. And isn’t this, in verse 5, what our fathers did in the 20th century while in captivity to Mystery Babylon?

Jeremiah 29:5 Build ye houses, and dwell in them; and plant gardens, and eat the fruit of them;



Multi-family housing by Bruggeman Construction in Palm Beach County, Florida ca. 1980-81.



Completed project of the above photo. Scans of both old, grainy photos by James Bruggeman.

6 Take ye wives, and beget sons and daughters; and take wives for your sons, and give your daughters to husbands, that they may bear sons and daughters; that ye may be increased there, and not diminished.

It was only late in the 20th century that the overpopulation myth began to take root via the incessant pounding it into our minds via the BM (the Babylonian Media) and the educational system. Finally, it began to result in much smaller families than previously. 

Despite the quasi-cyclical downturns in the national economy, many Americans still strive to reach the point where they can “own” a home. Of course, many of my listeners understand that the ownership is illusory. 

They know that the usury on the mortgage is outrageous and against God’s law, but nonetheless, most Americans today are still seeking the prosperity which is still attainable in Mystery Babylon. 

We think life is difficult today, {and now in 2021 it is definitely getting much worse and very rapidly at that} but most of us did not live in the 1930s. However, if you study the conditions back then, you will discover it was much worse than we suffer today. 

So let us be grateful to our Father for His great mercy to us even while we are yet under bondage to His servant, Mystery Babylon the Great.

There is a great deal more for us yet to learn from the examples found in Jeremiah and elsewhere and we will pick up here next time. 

(This series on Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom will be continued.)

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