Chapter 49, part 3: Babylonian captivity and false prophets

Oct 8, 2021

Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, part 146— Discerning false prophets among us.

This will be the conclusion of chapter 49, and we still have about 20 chapters to come in this series. We left off as we saw the false prophet, Hananiah, breaking the wooden yoke off the neck of Jeremiah. 

Jeremiah responded by saying per my paraphrase in modern lingo, “Gosh, Hananiah, I truly hope your prophecy is correct; that all this will be over in less than two years, and our brethren and the prior king will all be able to return from Babylon. 

“However, since you are rebelling against God’s decree, He told me that I should now wear a yoke of iron, to dramatize that our suffering will get even worse and almost all of us are going to go into a period of captivity in Babylon, which God told me will last for 70 years!

“And unfortunately for you, since you have taught rebellion against God, you will die in this very year.”

Thus, in the seventh month of that year, Hananiah assumed room temperature. Let’s re-read part of Jeremiah 28, verse 14: 

14 For thus saith the LORD [Yahweh] of hosts, the God of Israel; I have put a yoke of iron upon the neck of all these nations, that they may serve Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon; and they shall serve him:

In the era of 600 B.C. Babylon’s empire was limited to part of what we today call the Middle East. In our era, God has used the international bankers to put a yoke of bondage upon virtually every nation in the world. 

(Keep in mind I initially presented this lecture in April 2014.) Don’t quote me on this, but I would guess that about the only sizable nations that do not have a Rothschild-controlled central bank would be Iran and Syria and perhaps North Korea and Cuba. Libya was a holdout under Kaddafi and so Kaddafi had to go. 

North Korea and Cuba are economic basket cases and furthermore, they are under the thumb of China and Russia, so they hardly present a threat to the rulers of Mystery Babylon. 

Iraq was formerly a holdout, but since our military incursion there, it now has the CBI, the Central Bank of Iraq, controlled by the Rothschilds and their allies. 

So, do you see perhaps one reason why the blood of American servicemen was spilled there? The American armed forces are the Roman legions of the 20th and 21st centuries. 

They go and fight wherever the rulers of Mystery Babylon tell them to go. Our blindly patriotic young men (and women) are the muscle used by Mystery Babylon to subdue the nations that will not submit to the yoke of Babylon. 

For decades now, I have noticed that every once in a while, some new book comes out by a prophecy preacher who claims that biblically, America is Babylon. And I can certainly understand how they can come to that conclusion. 

Because unless you understand that America is Israel, you almost have to conclude America is Babylon. It is America’s armed forces who are sent everywhere on the globe to enforce the dictates of the international bankers. 

The rank-and-file soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen, of which I was one, are just pawns in the game, but they are forced to do the bidding of the rulers.

But when you understand that America is the land of regathered Israel which was prophesied in 2 Samuel 7:10 (and elsewhere), then it becomes much easier to fit the pieces together. It is the rulers of America that are Mystery Babylon, not the people of America. 

And by rulers, I mean those who control our elected officials. By rulers, I do not mean your local congressmen, senators or even President Obama. He will do as he is told or else. 


Just ask John F. Kennedy or Richard Nixon. Nixon got the wooden yoke, and he was allowed to resign in disgrace. But Kennedy rebelled more than Nixon because he was ready to do an end run around the Fed’s monopoly on money, and therefore he got the ultimate iron yoke of death in Dallas in November 1963. 

Was Kennedy trying to do a good thing? From a nationalistic and patriotic perspective, he certainly was. But it is almost equally certain that he had no inkling that we are Israel, that we are under God’s judgment, that the international bankers are God’s instrument of judgment, and that God hired them to rule over us for a specific period of time

Kennedy almost certainly had no clue about any of that, let alone the timing of our captivity, that it was a long way from being over in 1963. And that if you tried to throw off the yoke before its time, it would not go well with you. 

Just ask Zedekiah and the other sons of Josiah that reigned over Judah and rebelled against ancient Babylon. So, America is not Babylon. America is in captivity to Mystery Babylon, as are almost all nations on the globe today.

Now before I go any further, I want to return to address the question I suggested we all bear in mind as we learned about Hananiah in this lecture. What is the difference between Hananiah and James Bruggeman?

Well, there are many differences. On the other hand, there is only one similarity that I can see between Hananiah and myself. And that is that we are both saying that our captivity is nearly over. Now let me delineate the differences.

Hananiah prefaced his prophecy by saying: Thus speaketh the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, saying… The words, “Thus speaketh,” or “thus saith the Lord” are the clear and accepted way for someone claiming to be speaking for the Lord to preface his prophecy. 

Such a person is unequivocally claiming to be speaking under divine inspiration and that prophet’s words could be placed on a par with the words of any other Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, if they truly are words given from God Almighty. 

But I have never claimed to be a prophet in the sense of predicting the future in any specific way. Naturally, anyone who is a student of history and of current events can make some predictions of what is likely to happen, vis à vis our freedoms, for example. 

That does not mean that such a person is claiming to be a prophet speaking for God in the way that Jeremiah or Isaiah or Hosea did. 

Moreover, I have never said “Thus saith the Lord” unless I were quoting the Bible or perhaps quoting someone else who IS claiming the mantle of a true prophet of God, and let me tell you, there are many of them extant in America and elsewhere today. 

In the course of my teaching, I make observations of what I see happening. I might compare it to some Bible history, and I may even make some statements of where I think we are in God’s timetable, but I have always felt that it is understood by my listeners that this is merely my studied opinion. 

There is always the real possibility that I could be wrong, which is why I repeat: I have never said “Thus saith the Lord” before any of my own opinions as though they were the words of God Himself. 

So, yes, in connection with this series on Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, I have stated my opinions, my interpretations, of how certain prophecies of old have been and are being fulfilled in our era.

For example, that Financial Mystery Babylon overshadowed and took the pre-eminence over Religious Mystery Babylon with the rise of international banking in the late 1700s. I have stated my opinion that Financial Mystery Babylon formally put us in bondage around late 1913, early 1914. 

In an analogy to a football or basketball game, I have stated that we are in the overtime period. And I base that upon the fact that the period of captivity to ancient Babylon was for 70 years. Obviously, 1914 plus 70 years brought us to 1984. 

And this is all predicated on my assumption that the length of our captivity will be the same 70 years as it was for the original Babylonian Captivity. To date, I have found nothing in Scripture to indicate it would be anything other than that, but... I could be wrong. Do you understand? (2021 update/correction given below.)

So, if 70 years were up in 1984, I don’t think there is a soul listening to this lecture who would disagree with me when I state that here we are in April of 1914 and we are still in captivity to Financial Mystery Babylon. 

In fact, with the implementation of Obamacare and with news reports of increasing abuses by the IRS and many other government agencies, it doesn’t take a genius to state that things are going from bad to worse. 

Hananiah had declared at the beginning of the 70-year period of captivity that within two years Babylon would fall and it would all be over. He was lying to the people, and I think he knew it. 

He was simply doing it for the adulation or the money or perhaps some other motive, but my opinion is that I think he knew he was not really getting a download from God Almighty. 

By the way, it would get very tedious and terrible boring to the listeners if I had to actually qualify every statement with words such as “in my opinion.” I trust my listeners have the good sense to know that. 

And to reiterate, the only time you can say I am speaking the words of God is when I am quoting the Bible, or if I should ever be compelled by God to preface something with the words, “thus saith the Lord.” But I am telling you, I do not expect that to happen. That is not my calling. 



Jim Carrey in "Liar, Liar"


Have any of you ever seen the movie starring Jim Carrey called “Liar, Liar?” It came out in 1997 and Jim Carrey plays a lying lawyer whose little boy makes a birthday wish that his dad would always tell the truth, and the wish comes true. 

It is hilarious when Jim Carrey wants to tell a lie, as he is accustomed to doing, but the words that come out of his mouth are only the truth. Of course, the facial contortions of Jim Carrey as he is trying to lie and cannot, are what makes it hilarious. 

It would almost be like that with me, if God ever wanted me to make a prediction and say, Thus saith the Lord. My facial contortions would look like Jim Carrey. LOL!

I do not set dates, and for those that do, do you not realize that, to date, it has always proved them wrong? Some of you older listeners may remember the book that came out in 1987 or ‘88 and it was called 88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Occur in 1988, remember that? 


88 reasons.jpg

And then, more recently, some minister predicted that the rapture would occur in May a year or two ago, remember that? 

Well, as I said, I do not set dates, but the following is about as close to that as I come, and I want you to notice the qualifications I put upon my statements in this area of Bible teaching.

I have stated that I believe we are witnessing the fall of Mystery Babylon in slow motion, slow motion as time is experienced by us. It says in Revelation 18 that the judgment comes upon her in one hour. Prophetically, that one hour is about 15 years in one way of calculating it

Many of us have been somewhat persuaded that the attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Center in 2001 was a fulfillment of Isaiah 30, verse 25 which reads:

Isaiah 30:25 And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.


Old postcard showing WTC, "World's Financial Capital-New York City"

It was called the World Trade Center, certainly a symbol of Financial and Commercial Mystery Babylon if there ever could be one. Therefore, if that event in September of 2001 was a sign of the beginning of the fall of Financial Mystery Babylon, then 15 years later, i.e., the year 2016, bears watching, doesn’t it? 

Now notice, I did not say: Thus saith the Lord; and I did not say: Mystery Babylon’s fall will definitely be complete in 2016. All I said was it appears that this could be a fulfillment of that, and all this bears watching. I could be wrong. Shall I say it again? I could be wrong

I could be wrong about the start date of the captivity. I could be wrong about it being 70 years. What if it’s seven hundred years? God forbid! I could be wrong about 2001 being a significant biblical event. I could be wrong about the 15 years being one hour. 

So, all I am saying is that this is the way it appears to me, based on these biblical passages which we have delineated in many lectures in this series, and I think it makes a pretty strong case, but...I could be wrong. 

Now, here in October of 2021, allow me to make a correction. It appears (perhaps) that I was wrong in assuming the 70-year formal captivity. In the intervening years since 2014, I have come to a new understanding of the timing, for which I am grateful to my colleague, Dr. Stephen E. Jones of God’s Kingdom Ministries, from whom I learned this.

That there was a period of 100 years in the two centuries before Christ when the Judah kingdom became somewhat autonomous and was relatively free from bondage to the Greek Empire (and as Rome was rising). 

This was part of the 2,520 years series of beast empires which would rule over God’s Israel people. It was prophesied by Daniel and ended in 1917. But that 100-year hiatus was “kicked down the road” until our era and God tacked it on to 1917 (just to see who was paying attention, I suppose. LOL!). That brings us to 2017. 

Melania and Donald J. Trump, 2015

Melania and Donald J. Trump, 2015

Now then, we know from hindsight what happened in late 2016: the election of Donald J. Trump (will he be “the last Trump?” God loves wordplay, you know. It is part of His “sign language,” as we have learned over the years from another colleague, Ron Oja).

I now feel quite certain that we are indeed witnessing the slow-motion fall of Mystery Babylon and the simultaneous birth of the Stone Kingdom in its greater fulness, the Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth. 

It does not happen in one literal day. It is taking years, but the Mystery Babylonians are now shrieking because they absolutely know their time is over. Nothing can stop what is coming because it is God-ordained! 

So, the bottom line of all this? It is my suggestion that Christians should think long and hard before they go labeling someone a false prophet. You first need to discern if they are really claiming that what they are stating is the infallible word of God, or just their studied opinion. 

And if it’s not their studied opinion, then why are they even teaching? Are they just flapping their jaws and putting forth hot air with no study to back up their teaching? Shame on those who do that. 

That is a general statement, I am not thinking of anyone in particular. But here’s a hint: if you ever watch Christian television, you will find quite a number of them where it is obvious that they really don’t put in much preparation before they go before the camera. 

Well, we are out of time for today and we will continue next time as we study what God, through Jeremiah, commanded the people of Judah to do during the time of their captivity. I think you will find it most enlightening especially as it has application to you and your family and what you should be doing right now. 

May God’s word stand alone and anything that I have said in this teaching which is out of line with God’s word, let those words of mine fall to the ground and dry up. God bless you all. Amen.

(This series on Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom will be continued.)

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