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We are at the two-minute warning

Sep 6, 2021

Wishing everyone the best on this holiday. Here is a link to a short presentation by Juan O’Savin (aka 107). A 33-minute video is short for Juan. Herein, Juan covers a lot of ground. This was recorded in late August. 

Juan-Miki Klann Screenshot 2021-09-06 140904.jpg

Mr. 107 likens where we are at in the Great Awakening to the two-minute warning at the end of a football game. In this analogy, two minutes equals two months, September and October.

Here is a summary of other things he mentions, which I copied verbatim from Miki Klann’s website on Rumble (linked above): 

- Juan Has A Medical & Legal Team +++ Getting Ready To Launch Cross Country Presentation Events About The Plandemic & Vax

- Some Recent Special Unit Military Personnel Who Voluntarily Discharged To Avoid The Vax > Had Their Discharge Papers Signed By TRUMP ;)

- These Next 2 Months Are Going To Be Stunning In What's Going To Happen

- The Next 2 Months Are The '2 Minute Warning' And Then Expect The Fireworks To Go Insane

- The McAfee Releases & Other Things Were Timed For This Same Short Window

- Sept 11th Is The True Date Of Christ's Birth In 3 B.C. And The Dark Forces Need To Mock That Date

- Events And Timing Have Been Gamed Out To Calculate The Right Sequence To Reverse Their Dark Alchemy

- Worth Noticing That McAfee's Drops & Comms (On Telegram) Are Being Done '17' Style With Numbers

- The Game Is Maturing In The Contest For Who Will Control The World

- The Crowds At Trump's Last Rally Were Perhaps The Largest Ever

- People Are Feeling The Momentum And Are Coming To Certain Conclusions About What Must Occur

- Watch The Economic Reporting Oct 15th And The Period Immediately After That

- Note The Dates Of Covert Operations Dates Of Origin And 3 Years Hence

- The Curtain Is About To Fall On This Crowd That Has Been Stealing America

- The Entire Theme Of Trump's Presidency Is About Reversing The JFK Coup > 11.22.1963

- The Tiffany Blue Dress Melania Wore On Inauguration Day Started A Clock And Sent A Message

- All Of Melania's Dresses Have Been A Semaphore Flag Communication

- Frequently The Numbers Used In [Their] Comms Are Biblical Passage References

- Remember Trump Was Invited To Run > The People Behind The Scenes Have Gamed This Out Extensively However There Is Still A Divine Component

- There's A Divine Orchestration And There's The Man-made > In The End God's Got This

- Important To Know What Calendars We're Competing With > Babylonian vs Julian > Moon Phase vs Sun Phase

- [They] Want To Influence How We Measure Time So They Can Eliminate Divine Accountability > Specifically Death > To Defy God

- [They] Want To Extend Life Beyond Death With Transhumanism

- Ancient Mummification Was An Attempt To Do The Same By Preserving DNA For Reanimation Later

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