Vandersteel on why Trump promotes the jab

Jul 13, 2021



The video of Ann Vandersteel, linked below, ties in with both my own thinking and tentative conclusions and that of Lin Wood which we blogged on July 7, on the subject of why President Trump seemed to be promoting the vaccines. “The wise shall understand.” – Daniel 12:10. 

Part of the synopsis tells us: 

“WHY DOES POTUS TRUMP SEEMINGLY CONTINUE TO PUSH THE KILLER JAB..?!  Ann Vandersteel of Steel Truth did NOT pull ANY PUNCHES in this EXTREMELY candid, one-on-one interview and will leave your head spinning as she reveals just WHY it is POTUS Trump has, in the past, and even still now, seemingly continues to push the Killer Jab. 

The reason, as she explains, is not what you may think – AT ALL – but her crisply described points are well thought out, and most, if not all, of the TRUE PATRIOTS watching this edge-of-your-seat interview will agree with her breakdown of the facts. But Ann doesn’t stop there! She SMOKES OUT the RINOs and the DEMONIC DEMOCRATS, all complicit actors in the ‘Deep Rig’ of the 2020 Presidential Election and THEN she LAYS BARE the SORDID DETAILS that have seemingly slipped by much of the masses regarding the Election Theft of the Century!

The video runs about 30 minutes.

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