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Tucker: Pollster Frank Luntz “roommates” with GOP leader McCarthy

May 5, 2021

Luntz (upper right) as Tucker reveals...

Luntz (upper right) as Tucker reveals...


In year’s past—when I used to watch a lot of Fox News (aka Faux News)—especially around election times, I would see a lot of appearances by pollster Frank Luntz. Whenever I saw him, my “discernment alarm” would always go off. Now I know why. 

Since the November election, I have quit watching Faux News altogether, except occasionally for Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Sunday (which I DVR and watch later). So even though I also liked Tucker Carlson, I don’t watch him now either. 

Yesterday, a friend told me about his monologue which ran on Monday night. Tucker doesn’t come right out and say more about the relationship between Luntz and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, but the implication is pretty clear. 

In an article in Breitbart, John Poor reported: “Carlson noted the relationship extended beyond just friendship but that they were ‘roommates.’”

Here is the video (under 6 minutes) and the transcript of Tucker’s monologue.

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