Virtual Conference begins tomorrow

Oct 8, 2020

The Feast of Tabernacles Bible Conference, sponsored by Dr. Stephen Jones and God’s Kingdom Ministries, commences tomorrow, Friday, October 9, 2020, at 10 a.m. Central Time. It will originate from Stephen’s offices in Fridley, Minnesota (suburban Minneapolis).

My crew and I have nearly finished post-production of the two lectures I prepared for the V-Conference. They will be uploaded to the GKM crew today and should be ready for broadcast (or is it “narrowcast”) at any time slot they determine works out best.

My two-part lecture is actually a continuation of a series I began at our Conference in Branson, Missouri in the fall of 2019. Those two lectures were called Are E.T.s here? The Secret Space Program and the Bible, parts 1 & 2. They can be obtained from our offices. Both lectures fit on one DVD (D-157) for a gift of $15, plus $6 shipping and handling. Or see online Master Order Form here. See D-157.

The two I have prepared for the V-Conference are entitled The Occult History of the Secret Space Programs. We have a multitude of visuals in both lectures—wow, that was very time consuming—but I think you will find the presentations especially intriguing in light of everything that is going on in 2020.

Let me know what you think, pro or con. Here is the link and URL to Stephen’s blog with more details on the V-Conference.

Let us all pray that this Virtual Conference reaches untold numbers of new people all over the globe, as we are in the midst of the fall of Mystery, Babylon the Great. HalleluYah!


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