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Missiles or toothbrushes…or something else?

Oct 26, 2020

Tens of thousands attend typical Trump rally!

Tens of thousands attend typical Trump rally!

I have watched the President in multiple “peaceful protests” in various cities over the past few weeks—it’s the Trumpean equivalent of going door-to-door. When Fox News cuts away to have their “talking heads” tell us what to think, I boot up my internet and go to Right Side Broadcasting where they cover POTUS’s speeches from beginning to end uninterrupted. 

Here is a link to their Trump archives of the rallies. The RBS team are rank amateurs compared to the polished fake news broadcasters, but I will take them any day over the Lying Legacy Medianites!

I very much appreciate the RBS crews panning the camera on multiple occasions to show the size of the crowds at the Trump rallies. Meanwhile, the fake news networks focus in only on POTUS (or Biden) alone (head and shoulders shot) and almost never on their respective crowd sizes. 

That is because Biden’s “crowd” is virtually non-existent. Even this past weekend when a Biden rally was promoted with rock ‘n’ roll icon, Bon Jovi, to warm up the crowd, almost no one was there except press…and people with large Trump banners, signs, etc. And we are supposed to believe polls, most of which tell us Biden is ahead! As Biden himself would say, “C’mon, man!” 

The prime reason I write this blog is to ask if anyone else noticed POTUS’ slip-of-the-tongue. I have heard him say it at least four or five times now. It is when he ad-libs about how he has rebuilt the military and he goes on talking about the new “hydrosonic” missiles we have. 

I finally took the time to do a web search and sure enough, leftists were making fun of “that idiot Trump,” who doesn’t know that “hydrosonic” is a type of toothbrush, and that he probably meant to say “hypersonic” missiles. 


Hypersonic missile suspended under wing

Of course, when I heard him say it for the first time, I wondered if it were truly a slip-of-the-tongue (we all do it from time-to-time). But when I heard him repeat it at another rally, I knew he was speaking in code and conveying a message. 

The big “Q,” the big question, becomes: what was he referring to and to whom is the message intended? I have some thoughts on that, but I would like to hear your thoughts first. So, please let me know what you think.

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