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Clark Kent contracts Corona Virus

Oct 2, 2020

Is there an antidote to this “kryptonite?”


I heard this morning on radio news that the President and the First Lady had contracted the China Virus. I am very busy today and have no time to compose another blog, and I only have two comments regarding the above news:

  1. Given his very rigorous schedule, I was beginning to believe we had Clark Kent in the White House. Then, in the past week or so, he has been at more than one outdoor rally where the weather was very chilly and raining. Duluth, Minnesota was one, and as I watched it, I thought, “Goodness me, I sure hope he doesn’t catch a cold or something.” With the immense pressures of the war POTUS is waging against evil, the hours he puts in, his travel schedule, it is no wonder his immune system might be compromised just enough to register as positive for the Coronavirus. 
  2. HCQ! Watch and see!


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