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Was Biden wearing a wire?

Sep 30, 2020

After watching the first Trump-Biden debate last night, I immediately turned it off before the “talking head,” “expert” pundits began to inform you and me and the rest of the public on what to think of the debate. I wanted to sort out my own thoughts, perceptions, feelings, etc. without being influenced by anyone else.

It became clear to me early on that it was two-against-one: Trump vs. the Biden-Chris Wallace team. It seemed that every time Trump was zeroing in on Biden, and bringing up things which Biden would be hard pressed to answer honestly, one of two things happened:

Biden would begin rambling about something else or Wallace would cut off POTUS before he could finish his sentence/question to Biden. Wallace frequently prevented POTUS from holding Biden’s feet to the fire.

Example: when Trump brought up Hunter Biden’s gigantic “pay-for-play,” aka quid pro quo, payments from entities in Ukraine, China, and from the wife of the mayor of Moscow, Joe Biden began talking about his other son, Beau Biden (who died of cancer in May 2015) and his honorable service in the military, and Joe kept refusing to discuss Hunter at all. All the while, Wallace is jumping into the fray and (in football lingo) was running interference/blocking for Joe.

Biden’s other tactic was to look straight in the camera and try to play on the emotions of the viewers by telling one bald-faced lie after another, as he simultaneously projected onto Trump exactly what he and the Dems have done for years. The projection tactic is straight out of the Saul Alinsky manual.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of pro-Biden/hate-Trump viewers would have no idea that Biden was telling a plethora of bald-faced lies because those viewers get all their “news” from the fake news sources. They have probably never heard of Hunter’s great “gigs” with the corrupt Ukrainian oil company, etc.

At the end of the debate, it occurred to me that aside from the two-against-one game, something was really fishy about Biden’s performance. I concluded that at least Trump now knows that Biden was either pretending all this time to be suffering from dementia, and that he is quite capable of handling a debate (with help from the “moderator”) or…

 Biden did in fact have an injection or some other kind of mental performance-enhancing substance, or

There was some other kind of help from his handlers. This morning a friend sent me a link to suggest exactly that possibility. Was Biden “wearing a wire?” You decide. Here are two views of the same “wire” shot. Or was this simply a wrinkle in Joe’s shirt? I have to say, if it’s a wire, then the Biden team are extremely stupid because why would you not hide the wire under the shirt?

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