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‘Transsexual Satanist anarchist’ wins GOP nomination…

Sep 14, 2020

…for sheriff in New Hampshire county

In our Stone Kingdom Fellowship (SKF) meetings this past weekend, I related to my brothers and sisters-in-Christ how Asheville has changed in the past 20 years. There has been a great influx of people moving here from all over the country, and they have been overwhelmingly liberals and/or socialists. The City Council is now completely dominated by them.

Buncombe County (of which Asheville is the seat of government) is now also dominated by Leftists. Asheville is no longer a good place to live. I know this is not unique to Asheville, but it is now typical of so many formerly nice, friendly places to live and raise a family all across this country.

I reminded all of our SKF what the wise Irish philosopher and statesman, Edmund Burke (1729-1797), had said in this regard: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” 

In other words, if we Christians do not participate in finding and supporting good moral candidates to run (and win) offices in local government, then the wicked will certainly take over. Look at what just happened in New Hampshire!

‘Transsexual Satanist anarchist’ wins GOP nomination for sheriff in NH county

“In a Friday blog post, DiMezzo said she opposes a system that allowed thousands of people to walk into a voting booth and vote ‘despite knowing absolutely nothing about the person they were nominating to the most powerful law enforcement position in the county.

‘I’m running for sheriff because I oppose that very system, and the sheriff has the most hands-on ability in Cheshire County to oppose that system,’ she said. ‘The system that let you down by allowing me—the freaking transsexual Satanist anarchist—to be your sheriff candidate is the same system I’m attacking. I’m sorry, and I know it hurts to hear, but that system is a lie.’ 

“DiMezzo hosts an internet radio show where she is referred to as a ‘She-Male.’ ” The complete story is here.

Christians! Had enough? I will spare you further disgust and refrain from posting the photograph of the “she-male.”

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