Cancelled! Knoxville Feast of Tabernacles Conference

Sep 1, 2020

Virtual Conference planned instead.

The “cancel culture” has touched our lives—albeit in an indirect manner. There is no doubt that the radical Leftists and the extreme Right-wing anarchists such as Antifa, would like to “cancel” Christianity altogether. But thus far, their (and their bosses) have succeeded only in causing us to cancel our Bible Conferences in Knoxville.

I did so last spring, due to the alleged pandemic, and now my colleague, Dr. Stephen Jones called me yesterday to advise me that there seems to be no way he/we can proceed with the GKM Conference slated for October 9-11.

There is simply too much uncertainty. The Tennessee governor—who is very conservative by nature, and is known personally by a friend of ours—has just continued Tennessee’s quasi-lockdown until the end of September.

The Washington Examiner reported yesterday that “Gov. Bill Lee has extended Tennessee’s state of emergency through Sept. 30, the third time the status has been extended since March.” Complete story here.

When good people do not participate in government, the wicked will gladly take the reins and reign over us. And sometimes the wicked go stark-raving crazy. Or so it seems to normal people. Example: “Nashville city councilwoman recommends attempted murder charges for some not wearing face masks.” Complete story here.

We have published several blogs showing the idiocy, ineffectiveness, and even the occult rituals behind those mask mandates. Today in his blog, Dr. Jones added some further thoughts about masks:

“If masks worked, then why did they not wear masks every winter during the flu season? More people have died from the regular flu each year than have died from covid-19 here. If masks worked, what is the point of ‘social distancing’? If masks worked, why do they have to release thousands of inmates so they don’t get sick? If masks worked, why do Christians have to stay in their cars when they go to church? Why do they have to wear masks in the cars and keep the windows rolled up and even park their cars in every other parking spot?

“None of these things make sense, because some politicians have gone insane. The best advice is to practice social distancing from the politicians so you don’t get infected by their fear virus. Better yet, boycott CNN and get your news from alternative sources online.”

While the Left screams about “not politicizing this public health issue,” the fact is that politics is exactly what it is all about. It is about the cabal seeking by every means possible to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump. They know it and we know it (those of us whose sources of information extend beyond the Lying Legacy Medianites).

Instead of gathering in person at Knoxville, Dr. Jones is arranging for a virtual Conference. He will livestream it from his offices in suburban Minneapolis. Since I don’t do livestreaming, I will provide my sessions on pre-recorded video.

At this point, I am still planning to continue my series, The Secret Space Program and the Bible, parts 3 & 4. Part 3 went out on audio to our CD Ministry some months ago. The video version will have many visual aids. You’ll love it!

If you have made reservations with the Clarion Inn & Suites in Knoxville, they will probably cancel all of our reservations automatically, as they did last April, but it would be wise to check with them to make sure. Their direct phone line is 865-383-1086.  

Let us all pray earnestly that this battle between the children of light and the children of darkness be swiftly brought to a conclusion. Pray for the Great Awakening of more of our still-slumbering brothers- and sisters-in-Christ!


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