Tabernacles Conference update—important change in reservation info

Aug 18, 2020

(STILL Slated) Tabernacles Conference October 9-11, 2020

Who knows how long this Coronavirus (CV) situation will last? I have never doubted the reality of the CV and that it is potentially deadly, depending upon the health/immune system of the infected person. Some of you who know me will recall that I come from a large family. I also had about 65 first cousins!

Many cousins still live in western Ohio (near Carthagena—a wink to those on my CD Ministry). A couple weeks ago, my sister, my only sibling who still lives in Ohio, informed me and the rest of our siblings that five of our first cousins, and one spouse have contracted the CV.

All five are from the same family. Two were hospitalized locally, having great difficulty breathing. They were not ventilated and eventually were sent home with oxygen tanks. Another cousin then developed even more serious breathing difficulties and was transported by air medevac to a larger hospital in Dayton.

Shortly thereafter, he was put on a ventilator. Needless to say, all of us have been beseeching the Father mightily to spare his life and allow recovery. (Your prayers for them are welcome, too.) At this point, he is in the long process of being weaned off the ventilator—praise God for that bit of progress! He and the other five of their siblings who tested positive all have serious health issues.  

The point of sharing this with my readers is that, despite my many blogs showing this whole CV situation to be a false flag, that does not mean it can be dismissed lightly and/or ignored. It is always wise to take reasonable precautions—one of which is to ask people with symptoms to please stay home!

However, those of us who have done due diligence and looked beyond the Lying Mainstream Media also realize that the CV is another deep state/cabal-driven, false flag operation.

…“False flag” implying that there is a very sinister, far-reaching agenda, and that this was no accidental release. That it was a deliberately-created biowarfare agent designed to do just what we are seeing. I will not elaborate here, but I refer you to my many blogs since February (and more to come) which have dealt with various aspects of this massive psy-op.

The CV crisis, along with masking requirements, may still be going on by the time our Conference rolls around. So, please keep checking the websites (blogs) of Dr. Jones and myself for the most recent announcements regarding the Conference.

Dr. Stephen Jones of God’s Kingdom Ministries has made arrangements to head up the Tabernacles Bible Conference this year. Here are the details.

Please do not call our offices, but rather the offices of Dr. Jones/God’s Kingdom Ministries for any questions regarding arrangements such as room reservation problems, air travel, room sharing, etc. Here is contact information for God’s Kingdom Ministries:; email:; phone: 763-502-0507.

Location and Reservations (IMPORTANT CHANGE):

The Clarion Inn & Suites, 5335 Central Avenue Pike, Knoxville, TN 37912. There has been some confusion as some who have attempted to make reservations online have noticed the Clarion Inn & Suites’ own website has an incorrect address, actually listing the address of a Best Western two or three blocks away!

I spoke with the manager at our Clarion a couple days ago. She told me it is like pulling teeth to get “corporate” to fix the incorrect address. The address here (above) is correct. She also said it would be better to call the hotel directly instead of using the central reservations number. The direct number is 865-383-1086.  

Meeting Times:

The conference will begin at 9 a.m. on Friday, October 9, 2020. We will set up electronic equipment Thursday evening, assuming that the hotel has not rented out that time to another group. We will break for lunch about noon each day and give everyone at least 2 hours to eat and have fellowship.

We will then have two more sessions in the afternoon and one or two more in the evenings. Sunday afternoon will be a more informal time to allow the Holy Spirit to do His unexpected things without our agenda getting in the way. We have done this for the past few years and have found it to be the highlight of the conferences.


Confirmed speakers are Rob Corry, PA; Ron Oja, MN; Pastor Diane Padilla, NM; Dr. Stephen Jones of God’s Kingdom Ministries, MN; and Dr. James Bruggeman of Stone Kingdom Ministries, NC.

Hotel Reservations:

The hotel has given us the special room rate of $69 per night. (With tax it will come to about $80.) The price is the same for one king bed or two queens. They are all non-smoking rooms with coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave, and free wifi. The hotel also has an indoor heated swimming pool, fitness center, and a business center.

Up to 4 pets are allowed at $25/night. I don’t know if that is $25 EACH or for all pets. You may call 865-383-1086 for reservations and tell them you are coming for the God’s Kingdom Ministries Bible conference.

If you want to come early or stay later, you may have to call them to make the adjustment and get the $69 rate for the extra day or days. There are two Clarion Inns in the Knoxville area, so be sure to make note of the correct address listed under Location above.

Restaurants in the Area:

The Clarion has a restaurant and bar and offers free hot breakfasts for those staying at the hotel. There are two more restaurants across the street, including an Applebee’s. For those with transportation, it is a 5-minute drive to the downtown area, which has many other places to eat.

On behalf of Dr. Jones and myself, we hope to see many of our long-time friends there and we especially welcome those whom we have never met. Let’s get acquainted! See you there!


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