From James Madison to Madison Cawthorn

Aug 27, 2020

My next Congressman (Lord willing, and I believe He is!)

madison-cawthorn-offic photo.jpg

                                  (Above: Madison Cawthorn)

Due to being so exhausted from my day at the airport to see President Trump, I did not see many of the speakers at the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Monday night. I am trying to catch up as I have heard there were many very inspiring and brief speeches.

I viewed Herschel Walker’s last night—fantastic! Loved it!


                (Above: then businessman Trump with Herschel Walker)

Like another former NFL great, Burgess Owens, who spoke at the RNC last night, Walker is speaking truth to the black community and effectively helping neutralize the race hustlers who have for so many decades kept their fellow blacks down and deceived. I foresee that many will abandon the Democrat Party and vote Republican this November!

On Tuesday evening and again last night, I watched the RNC coverage wall-to-wall. Last night, I was becoming more and more encouraged as each new speaker added a new dimension to President Trump’s appeal to all Americans of whatever ethnicity or socio-economic status they be.

Suddenly, there on the screen was Madison Cawthorn, whose appearance had not been featured as “upcoming” on the right side of the screen by Fox News. I was thrilled and Madison did not disappoint. On his visit here Monday, Trump had hailed Madison saying to him, “You’re going to be a star of the party.”

Madison is running in our North Carolina 11th Congressional District against socialist Democrat Moe Davis for the seat vacated by Mark Meadows, now Chief of Staff for President Trump. Here is Madison’s speech (4:17). This morning, I sent this email to Madison (slightly edited). 

“Hello, my friend! James Bruggeman here. When [our 20-year County Commissioner] Charlie Messer introduced us last January at the tiny diner across from his store on Hoopers Creek, I knew within a few minutes of visiting with you that Charlie was 100% right about you!

“I was watching the RNC from beginning to end last night on Fox. I did not see Fox list you on the right of the screen as one of the upcoming speakers, so when I saw your segment come up, I was stunned and pleased beyond description! Bases-loaded home run, my friend!

“A superbly well-crafted script (I presume you were not “winging it”) and an even more compelling delivery—utterly impassioned, yet not pure emotion, but full of reasoned facts.

“Except for committed Marxists, any uninformed voters, especially young people, across the nation who saw it should have been inspired and persuaded to the cause of righteousness by your segment. And when you stood up at the end—WOW! Blessings on you and yours!”

If those reading this have not read my previous blog entitled “Madison on Beck—I am so-o-o-o-o encouraged!”  about how Charlie first told me about Madison and my subsequent reaction to Madison’s appearance of the Glenn Beck radio program, you might find it worthwhile.

On a very sad note, at about the time that previous blog appeared on July 1st, Charlie Messer was hospitalized. He passed away on July 10th. Here is the official obituary photo.


No, it was not the China Virus. Charlie had suffered from cancer a couple years ago, but only shared that information with a few. It came roaring back. This friend, so-well respected and so beloved in this area, went to sleep in the Lord after just a few days in the hospital and then hospice. He was only 66 years old.

Despite the CV precautions all around, the funeral service was huge and had to be held at a high school auditorium to maintain distancing among the attendees. Yes, I wore a mask so as not to create a scene. Madison was there also. Here is another photo of Charlie as I prefer to remember him, so outgoing, so friendly and so kind to everyone!


Charlie was a true Christian in word and deed, a patriot, and a servant of the people! Rest in peace until the resurrection, my departed friend!

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