“Free” energy follow-up report

Aug 3, 2020

I have just a brief report today to provide my promised follow-up to the challenge to readers which I laid out in the blog entitled, Energy from the sun in a jar?, dated July 25, 2020. I will not repeat or even summarize the blog here, but I shall cut right to the chase.

There were no winners. Some respondents had some interesting observations and many are very interested in the soon reality of virtually free energy which was envisioned by Tesla over a century ago.

As for this particular company, Aureon, I am confident that they have what they claim to have. It is very exciting! However, considering what I discovered, even if I had 25k lying around, I would not invest in their company at the present time.

One of the major funding sources for the company has come from an organization called the International Science Foundation. …Which sounds like a worthy group, but I wonder who the principals are, who is behind them? (Drum roll, please…) One man, George Soros!

Oops, where’s the exit? I’m outa here! My take is that George is repeating history. He is doing what J. P. Morgan did over a century ago. Morgan bankrolled Nikola Tesla at the outset and then pulled the funding and made sure Tesla’s proposed machines to produce virtually free electrical power would never see the light of day.

If, however, POTUS and the white hats are able to remove Soros from control over his (ill-gotten) assets, then I could look with favor upon someone with 25k or more investing in the company. The payback could be enormous. But until then, I wish the other current investors and the Aureon scientists and engineers success, but as for me, as I said, I’m outa here!  


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