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Capital One Bank pummeled by hurricane! A spiritual sign?

Aug 29, 2020

Capital One bldg.gif

The Capital One Tower in Lake Charles had a number of windows blown out from Hurricane Laura. Getty Images

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Hurricane Laura blasted the Capital One bank tower in Lake Charles, Louisiana this past week. The story in American Banker magazine online quoted a spokesman for the bank, headquartered in McLean, Virginia (suburban Washington, D.C.), saying “the vast majority of employees have been working remotely since March.”

Hopefully, that means no one was injured or killed in this devastated building. I had to smile at the caption below it, “a number of windows.”?!! Seems to me that qualifies as an understatement on the order of when Noah said to Shem: “Do you think it will rain?”!

With a huge percentage of the windows (architectural terms: the façade, the curtain wall) being blown out by the hurricane, can we see spiritual significance in this? Indeed, with virtually all the personnel working remotely, we see “behind the curtain,” and behold, there is no one there except “the little man behind the curtain” a la The Wizard of Oz. (Sic, the title of the motion picture.)

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You do understand, don’t you, that Mr. L. Frank Baum’s book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, was not merely a tale to entertain children, but was an expose of the money manipulators over 120 years ago? Ah, yes, the “wizard” of oz (ounces) of gold and silver.

But when the windows have been blown out by the wind (Spirit), we see there is nothing there (in the Fed/Mystery Babylonian system). It has all been “wizardry,” i.e., witchcraft, illusion and delusion.

As Trump continues to spend like the proverbial “drunken sailor,” in my view, it is actually a good thing this time. Trump is executing a meticulously planned strategy of loading up the books of the Fed with the fake money until it is crushed and finally exposed fully—sometime next spring or summer, I would venture to guess, providing Trump is re-elected.

So, in a sense, the naked skeleton of the Capital One bank building signifies the soon-to-appear national exposure of the Mystery Babylonian fake money system which we have endured for over a century now, and which has secretly enslaved us all in its financial bondage.

But praise the Father Almighty! Financial Mystery Babylon is now falling (Revelation 18:4). It is all in the process of being exposed. For a detailed understanding of the history of Mystery Babylon since the time of King Nebuchadnezzar until now, see my detailed studies Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom. Begin here.   

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