Madison on Beck—I am so-o-o-o-o encouraged!

Jul 1, 2020

This morning, I wept. As a man, am I ashamed of weeping? No, of course not. Did you know that the shortest verse in the Bible is John 11:35? It records that “Jesus wept.” The Lord’s tears were of grief upon hearing of the death of Lazarus. My tears were of sudden joy.

Let me tell you the story because no matter where in this great nation you live, this story matters to you! How is that? Well, let’s start with a recent tweet by the President Of The United States (POTUS).

At 3:15 p.m. on Monday, June 29th POTUS tweeted this:

Annotation 2020-07-01 171703.png

This morning I was running a few errands. I got in my vehicle and flipped on the radio to see what Glenn Beck might be talking about. But the voice I heard was not Glenn’s, yet I recognized the voice, that of a young man speaking with boldness, passion and enthusiasm, and above all, truth!

It was the voice of a man I had met only this past January. And now, here he was, a guest on Glenn Beck’s radio program, a program which, if memory serves, is the third highest-rated talk show on radio (in terms of listeners), behind Limbaugh and Hannity.

I choked up as I was driving back to my office. I almost had to pull into a parking lot to regain control of my tear ducts. Fortunately, a red light allowed me the time to recover. I choked up because “I knew that I knew that I knew”… This is huge!

Let me back up. Over the past number of years, I have become friends with Charlie, a man who has chaired and otherwise served as one of our county commissioners for about 20 years—a really fine man.

Charlie lives around the corner from me. He owns and operates a gas station/convenience store. I stop in frequently and we talk politics. He had introduced me a couple of years ago to our Congressman, Mark Meadows, whom he knows well.

Earlier this year, when Mr. Meadows was tapped to become Chief of Staff to President Trump, it left a sudden vacancy in the 11th Congressional District of North Carolina. About 11 Republicans scrambled quickly to file to run in the primary for the seat.

Soon, Charlie and I were chatting about which of the 11 candidates would make the best representative and who actually had a good chance of winning in November. (The 11th district has been redrawn to include 38,000 more Democrats in the Asheville portion of the district—Asheville itself has become a socialist cesspool—sad!)

Charlie began telling me about this young man named Madison Cawthorn and told me he would make a good candidate. I scoffed saying something like, “Are you kidding me, Charlie? You said he is only 24 years old. If by some miracle he were to win the seat, he would get eaten alive and swallowed whole by the swamp in Washington. He has no political experience and he is probably totally naïve as to how dirty and corrupt D. C. is.”

And I thought to myself, furthermore, he cannot possibly have any understanding of the evil machinations of the Fed, of the cabal behind them and the swamp, of the horrors of the present human traffickers, Mystery Babylon’s drug cartels, and worse.

Charlie just grinned and said, “no, James, once you meet him, you will see.” I said, Okay, Charlie, call me a doubting Thomas, but I would very much like to meet him. So Charlie invited me to a meeting at which I expected maybe a couple dozen people might also be there. But, no, it was just Charlie, Madison and me, and one other gentleman whose name I cannot recall, but he said little.

So, essentially, Charlie and I had a two-hour session with Madison. I already knew that Madison was wheelchair-bound, thinking perhaps it was due to a combat injury in military service. Not so. I now know that he had once worked in Congressman Meadows’ office, had an appointment to the naval academy, and then suffered nearly incessantly for years (and still does) due to a horrendous auto accident.

He has undergone numerous surgeries; had major burns on his body and was given a one-percent chance of survival. But survive he did, crediting Jesus Christ for allowing him to live. He is now a man on a mission with no time to lose, given the critical state of our nation—as he correctly sees it.  

After some minutes of small talk, I started peppering him with questions to probe the depth of his understanding of the real (“red pill”) world. He astonished me with his answers. He is not naïve. He not only has a firm foundation in Christianity, but he could probably teach at Hillsdale College, his knowledge of the Constitution and American history is that good! (Hillsdale is noted for its excellence, especially in those two areas).

After maybe 20 minutes, I looked him squarely in the eyes, pointed my finger at him and faking an accusatory tone, said, “you were homeschooled, weren’t you?” He grinned and said proudly that he was. I returned his beaming smile and complimented him for his parents’ fine work, further explaining that I had been so very proud of my late wife who had homeschooled our children for 13 years.

Charlie was right. I had never met anyone so young with the Christian moral training, and red-pill education that his parents had given him. Not one of my probing questions or red-pill assertions phased him in the least or flustered him from giving excellent, right-on-target answers.

And the answers were not as though they were lines that he had memorized. He is not a “stuffed suit” politician who has canned answers to a limited set of questions. He actually understands in depth the real issues and the multiple crises we are now experiencing locally and nationally.

Thus, he does not need to have memorized answers. He spoke off the cuff and at length about every subject on which I quizzed him. I became an enthusiastic supporter of Madison Cawthorn at that moment, and my several encounters with him since then have only served to strengthen my commitment to help him win in November.

I was at his election watch gathering on March 3rd when he was the second-highest vote getter and thus would be in the run-off election against the highest vote-getter, a fellow conservative, Lynda Bennett.

Due to the coronavirus, the primary run-off election was postponed until June 23rd. I was scheduled to be out of state on that date and thus voted absentee, but I was glued to the web that night to watch the results. He trounced Mrs. Bennett by a nearly two-to-one margin! He will now face a socialist Democrat on the November ballot.

Fast forward to this morning on Glenn Beck’s program. I only heard the last five minutes or so of what must have been about a 12-15 minute segment. During that the interview, I could tell Beck was as impressed as I had been because Beck let Madison speak uninterrupted for much longer than he would usually allow a guest to “have the mic.”

Then he asked him to relate about the phone call he received from POTUS on the night of his victory over Lynda Bennett. Madison related that the President was highly congratulatory “with the usual superlatives” and extended an invitation to come to the White House in a few weeks.

And thus in the POTUS tweet above, the “1” in the 82-1 record of POTUS endorsements is Madison Cawthorn winning despite the President having endorsed Mrs. Bennett.

Glenn Beck went on to tell Madison something to this effect: “I have waited all my life for someone like you to appear on the political scene who can help open the eyes of the younger generations to the grave dangers we now face as a nation. I was doing this since when you were just a child.”

That is what brought tears to my eyes (and even now I am having a relapse as I write it down). My tears were because “I knew that I knew…” that what we are seeing is also the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. I had related in my blog of March 6, 2020, how the Bible teaches us that before our end time deliverance from Mystery Babylon occurs, that God will first send prophets.

Then, in the next installment in that series which appeared March 16, 2020, I spoke of Glenn Beck. I wrote in part:  

“So there I was (back in the late 1970s), essentially teaching true American history to small groups of interested citizens, and occasionally to a larger audience of maybe a couple hundred.

“And in those days, I used to pray that someday, someone could get on national television and teach the American people our history, the truth about the Founding Fathers, the truth about the Constitution, and the honest truth about our history, how it has been distorted and twisted by evil men who have crept in unawares.

“Men like Horace Mann in the 1800s and John Dewey, the progressive socialist, in the early 1900s, and men like William (“Bill”) Ayers in our era, a man who once blew up buildings as a co-founder of the violent Marxist Weather Underground terrorist group, and who now says they should have done more bombings.

“Now he is a university professor who, among other activities, writes textbooks for teaching teachers, and is a longtime friend and unofficial consultant of former President Obama.

“I prayed back then that I would see the day when the truth would be taught, not just to small groups as I was doing, but to the masses on television. My friends, praise God, my prayer of 30 years ago is being answered.

“I told you I would name names. I now see a man who is doing that work. Yes, I believe that Glenn Beck is one of the prophets sent by God to teach America our history. And he is a Mormon of all things [grinning].

“Isn’t that just like our Father, though? He is always coming up with something to surprise us—an answer to prayer sometimes comes from where we would least expect it. Has that ever happened to you? Yeah, so God sends a Mormon to do the job.

“I think part of the reason is to see if we can learn to work with Christian brethren no matter what brand they are wearing, no matter what denominational box they are popping out of. But I have heard Glenn Beck enough on his radio program and seen enough of his television programs to believe that he is my Christian brother. Of course, he does not have perfect doctrine—but then neither do I.”

And so just as Beck said to Madison this morning, “I have waited all my life for someone like you to appear…” so I had said about Beck ten years ago when I initially delivered the material in the aforementioned blogs. What this means is that God is now moving another player onto the stage to play his role in bringing about the Kingdom of God, which may be via a return to the Constitution first.

Despite the demonic rage and the gnashing of teeth by the radical Dems, the socialists, communists, anarchists and the cabal behind them all, and the seeming darkness which has descended upon our nation (and the world), they know and I know that the brightness is about to break forth in a way that the world has never seen!

That is why I wept and that is why I am so-o-o-o encouraged! Fear not…it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom! (Luke 12:32)

Here is a short video of Madison Cawthorn in a recent appearance on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox Business News channel. You will see much more of this gentleman in the months and years ahead, of that I am certain.


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