Hannity, Fauci and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on vaccines

Jul 15, 2020

(plus, a “nosey” move!)

Driving home today I heard a few minutes of Sean Hannity’s daily radio program. I cannot listen very long as his voice and manner of speaking are like the proverbial “fingernails on the chalkboard” to me. In any event, he was excitedly telling of the news of the progress of the first vaccine being developed to counter the Coronavirus. The Hannity hype went so far as to hear him say he wished he could volunteer for the mass human trials now slated, but that doing so would negate his health insurance. Awwww, too bad, Sean! Then he brought Dr. Oz onto his program, who continued with the “great news.” It is disappointing to see Hannity on the Big Pharma bandwagon.

USA Today’s online edition began this way:

Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine candidate appears to be safe and provide some immunity, new data from early trial shows

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – A candidate vaccine against COVID-19 developed by the federal government and Moderna appears to be safe and to trigger an immune response, according to data released Tuesday from an early phase trial. …

The clinical trial was led by Anthony Fauci’s Vaccine Research Center at the National Institutes of Health. The experimental vaccine is being created quickly. On March 16, two months after Chinese scientists revealed the virus’s genetic sequence, a volunteer in Seattle was injected. That set a record for getting a candidate vaccine into human trials. …

All the reactions in the two lower dose groups were mild: More than half suffered minor fatigue, chills, headache or muscle pain, as is typical with vaccines. Three of those who received the highest dose had a severe reaction after the second shot, according to the study, including one participant whose fever spiked to 103. [Source]

Then there is this from the Children’s Health Defense, an organization founded and run by RFK, Jr. Of course, this kind of news is suppressed on the Lying Legacy Media and even Hannity has ignored this, to the best of my knowledge:

$4 Billion and Growing: U.S. Payouts for Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Keep Climbing

The Health Resources & Services Administration just released new dollar figures reflecting payouts from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The payouts for vaccine injuries just went past the whopping $4 billion mark. Using the government’s own conclusion that only 1% of all vaccine injuries are reported, the $4 billion is just the tip of the iceberg. Despite assurances from CDC and our Federal agencies that all vaccines are safe, the payouts say otherwise. Vaccine injuries can and do happen—to previously healthy children and adults. Consumers deserve to know the facts about the full range of vaccine risks.

Emphasis by me. That is just the introduction. The rest of the report is here. [Source]

And incidentally—and a huge “incidentally” it is! Did you see someone on the internet interviewing RFK, Jr. in real time? And one of the viewers typed in a question which RFK got closer to his computer screen to read. He then sat back and immediately touched his nose! So what, you say? What had the viewer typed in for RFK, Jr.? Just this: “Touch your nose if JFK, Jr. is still alive.”

In other words, it seems as though his cousin is confirming that JFK, Jr. faked his death in the plane crash that allegedly killed him in July 1999. For those who have observed the Q drops, this is HUGE!!! Here is a link to someone who managed to grab it and post it on Twitter. [ Source ]