Fauci-masks—oops, Face masks—who is exempt, according to the “experts?”

Jul 22, 2020

I have been posting a number of stories recently which challenge the herd mentality of most of our fellow citizens regarding the wearing of face masks. The wearing of face masks is a sign of submission to tyrannical government (at the state and local level, at this point). POTUS is allowing—even pretending to agree—all to expose the tyrants. If you have read/watched those stories, then you are prepared for this “pop quiz.”

Unlike face masks, which we are told by the Medianites, are “mandatory,” etc., this pop quiz is strictly voluntary (chuckle, chuckle). Consider it an exercise to test your critical thinking skills. Can you spot any of the numerous fallacies and/or lies and/or misleading statements in the article? I did not watch the embedded video but simply and quickly skimmed the text of the story, and I can assure you there are many reasons to call this—as POTUS would—“fake news!”

It is from ABC News and is headlined and sub-headed: “Who is exempt from wearing a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic? Experts say very few people qualify for a medical exemption.

To press the ignition switch on your critical thinking neurons, I pose this question: Why should we listen to so-called “experts,” especially as filtered through the Lying Medianites, when we can go online, find my state’s laws, my governor’s executive orders, etc. and read for myself what is required of whom and what the exemptions actually say?

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