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Trump’s brilliant counterpunch at St. John’s

Jun 2, 2020

While the Lying Legacy Media (LLM)/Medianites/fake news outlets and their foolish pundits continue to pile on Trump today, blasting him for a “photo op” at the church last evening (June 1), I have a somewhat different perspective, both from a political perspective and from a spiritual-prophetic perspective.

Yesterday evening, I watched as FoxNews carried Pres. Trump giving his brief statement in the Rose Garden at about 6:30 p.m. He took no questions but advised the assembled White House gaggle (press corps) that he would now excuse himself as he had to visit “some place special.”

Lafayette Park is across the street from the White House. Adjacent to it is St. John’s Episcopal Church. Within a few minutes of leaving the Rose Garden podium the President came out of the White House and began walking. The Fox White House correspondent and Bret Baer speculated that Trump might walk across or walk by Lafayette Park to go to St. John’s Church which had been set on fire by rioters the previous night.

All day Monday the LLM had been lambasting the President for “hunkering down” in the bunker beneath the White House on Sunday night as demonstrations turned into riots in and around Lafayette Park. The implication of the Medianites was that Trump was a coward.

What they fail to explain is that while the POTUS (any POTUS, Republican or Democrat) is often referred to as “the most powerful man in the world,” there is one thing the President is powerless to stop. That is when the Secret Service (SS) determine that he is in imminent mortal danger. They are trained to forcibly grab him and carry him to safety if circumstances warrant.

I had heard earlier today that in the Sunday evenings riots around the White House that about 50(!) SS agents were injured. What do you think? If 50 SS agents are wounded, do you think they might be doing exactly what their job requires in such an event; namely, to hustle the POTUS to a safe place?

But you can imagine how President Donald Trump must have bristled about being forcibly restrained below the White House. Therefore, after his measured and strong statement in the Rose Garden, he was able to demonstrate for the nation great courage and leadership as he strode out the White House grounds, across or beside Lafayette Park to the front of St. John’s Church.

The LLM pundits, of course, would not see it as courage. They pointed out that a half hour earlier the police/military had forcibly moved the demonstrators—already growing increasingly restless—out of Lafayette Park. Well, yeeesss, that is what is done for whoever is President. Clear the path, clear the area of potential threats.

As Trump walked briskly and, of course, by design, was keeping his socialist distancing from everyone in the entourage, I thought to myself, as I prayed a quick prayer for protection, “Good Lord, he is making himself a target. There are no SS personnel within 6-10 feet of him.”

The obvious effect was that with all the Medianite TV cameras on him, he was essentially an open target to any potential assassin who might have been able to hide and avoid being moved out of the immediate area of Lafayette Park. That was indeed a picture of courage!

The LLM can derisively label the whole thing a “photo op” all they want. I totally agree; it was a photo op! But the Trump team knows as well as anyone. “Optics matter.” DJT is a master of the medium of TV (and Twitter). When the entourage arrived in front of St. John’s Church, Trump stood in front of it and suddenly had a Bible in his hand.


Someone else must have discreetly carried it for him because I had not seen anything in his hands as he strode to the church. So, yes, he held up the Bible while the camera shutters clicked. He pointed to the Bible and mouthed the words several times: “The Bible.”


Left to right: Mike Esper, Robert Barr, Robert O'Brien, President Trump, Kayleigh McEnany, and my former Congressman, now Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows.

He then invited other members of the entourage to join him for a “class picture.” That was it. They then began the walk back to the White House. It was typical Trumpean move. The LLM hit him with an implication of cowardice for “hunkering down.” The next day, he counterpunches with a powerful optics move.

During the walk to the church, I flipped over to CNN and MSNBC and yes, they were carrying it all live, admitting that something unscheduled was going on, so they too wanted to be there to “break the news.” But as Trump finished with the “class picture,” the LLM suddenly realized they had been had duped.

Just as the White House gaggle continually try to embarrass the President (and his superb new Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany) with “gotcha” questions, so now Trump had just served up and executed a masterful “gotcha” on them. Great move, Mr. President!

Now from a prophetic perspective. Shortly thereafter, as FoxNews’ Martha McCallum was interviewing the Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church, he revealed that the fire on Sunday night had been limited to a room in the basement—the nursery.

The Rector said that when he arrived on scene, he could not even tell where the fire was. And of course, he was thankful that it was so limited in scope.

Since this particular church dates back to the early 1800s, to the time of President James Madison, and has been known as “the Church of the Presidents,” it is therefore an apt vehicle to picture or symbolize spiritual aspects of the entire nation.


St. John's Episcopal Church (stock photo)

So that when I heard the fire was limited to the basement, specifically, to the nursery, it immediately came to me that this was picturing the fire of God (Holy Spirit and God’s fiery law) that was very soon to spread across America. It begins almost unseen (in the basement) and begins in the nursery.

The nursery symbolizes the babes in Christ. In other words, this great spiritual awakening is going to begin, not with the great Bible scholars and influential ministers, but rather with (perhaps literally) small groups of spiritually starving Christians (babes) who have been fed the milk of the Word all their lives, who are meeting in homes or other small groups out of sight (in the basement) from the mainstream (main floor) of nominal Christianity.