The President speaking in code—for those with ears to hear

Jun 6, 2020

Did you hear what Trump said yesterday?!

Two things of special interest. First, for all of us who have been observing the “Q” posts, we know that many things DJT (POTUS) says publicly might seem to be “off the cuff,” but are meant to be understood by the Qanon community. As Q has said many times, “Learn our comms!” (“comms” means communications, i.e., things are said in code.)

There are two examples in POTUS’ speech/briefing yesterday in the Rose Garden. It was a very upbeat speech. First, he was touting the successes in the battle against “the invisible enemy.” The general public takes “the invisible enemy” to mean the Coronavirus (CV). But people who have been “red-pilled” (the Qanon community and many others) understand “the invisible enemy” can sometimes be a reference to the cabal, Deep State, the swamp, the elitists, Illuminati, etc.

With the ongoing protests and demonstrations going on in dozens of cities—including Asheville, and almost every one of them led by Democrat-leftist mayors—cities in which after dark often evolve into riots, I am especially concerned about Washington, D.C., which obviously represents the nation as a whole.

The leftist mayor has “ordered” the National Guard to leave the city. Curiously, the National Guard sent to D.C. were from Utah, the state where John Huber is believed to be preparing tens of thousands of indictments (still sealed) against cabal members.

D. C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has “demanded” that the White House (WH) remove the wall around the WH grounds which was erected about a week ago as rioters in Lafayette Park (across from the WH) were threatening to breach the security perimeter around the WH.

Certain agents provocateur (Antifa and others) were armed with crowbars with which they pried up paver stones and began hurling them at the Capitol Police and the Secret Service agents. Dozens of officers suffered bleeding head wounds from the paver projectiles. Hence, the eight-foot high fence was erected around the WH grounds.

Incidentally, in my post of June 2nd, I mistakenly wrote that the Secret Service had escorted POTUS to the bunker on Sunday evening. As POTUS himself corrected the media, it was Friday afternoon, and only for a short time—but enough for the Lying Legacy Medianites to try to create a narrative of a cowardly President.

“News reports” indicate that there will be massive demonstrations in D. C. today and tomorrow. In a few hours we will know for sure if those “reports” materialize. What is of serious concern to WH personnel is the threat that the “Robespierrian” mobs (my term) may try to overrun the WH and demolish it, set fire to it or whatever they can do to create further create chaos.

All this being done in the name of “social justice” or “for justice” for George Floyd. While at the same time, the family of Mr. Floyd have publicly called for peace and for no rioting, violence, etc. be done in his name as he would eschew such activities.

Meanwhile, many questions have arisen which might cause a reasonable person to wonder if the entire George Floyd incident might be another false flag operation (psy-op) by the cabal/Deep State which has been in preparation for some time, to be rolled out just in case the CV operation fizzles out—which it now appears to be doing.

And so with POTUS’ upbeat “presser” in the Rose Garden yesterday, this brings us back to his comms. First, the optics: for the first time since the CV “socialist distancing” (my term) began, the members of the WH press corps were now seated within a foot of each.

Secondly, it occurred in the Rose Garden. Message: “Everything is coming up roses.” The unemployment numbers were shockingly good. “Experts” had prognosticated that there would be an increase of 8-9 million more unemployed. Instead, there were 2-3 million new hires in the past month. Astounding!

Leftist economist Paul Krugman immediately blasted the Trump administration for cooking the numbers; i.e., lying about the true unemployment picture. But he quickly backtracked as some of Krugman’s allies got the word to him to shut up, because the Trump administration has been using the very same methods (not “methodologies,” chuckle, chuckle) that the Obama administration was using. In other words, Trump is using their very own weapons against them! Brilliant!

Now, as POTUS is wholly aware of the threat to his own security and that of his team (including Q), listen to what he said at about 48 seconds into this briefing. I had not seen it, but a friend did and immediately contacted me to tell me. Frustratingly, I could not find the video of the “presser” until very late last night. Sure enough, there it was, just as my friend had said.  

POTUS began by outlining progress against the pandemic. First, he mentioned progress on vaccines. Then, he mentioned therapeutics. And then he said what sounds like: “Cures, we’re doing well…” But if you listen again, it sounds very much like “Q is doing well.”! A hidden message to the Qanon community? I think so! But why now?

Because the WH and the Trump team are under siege. POTUS wanted those with ears to hear, that despite what may happen at the WH tonight or in the next few nights, that as of now, the Q team is safe and secure. This coincides with recent Q posts letting us know that we are reaching a very critical time in the war against evil.

I stated the WH is “…under siege.” Again, I return to the metaphor of the French revolution where the Robespierrian mobs “stormed the Bastille.” As I have detailed in my Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom (MBSK) lectures, the French revolution was not a bottom-up uprising of the downtrodden masses. It was directed and financed from the top from beginning to end by the hidden rulers of the cabal in the late 1700s.

As regular readers will have noticed, I am serializing the entire MBSK lecture series in these blogs, but that particular part of the study is much deeper into the lectures series. Similar to the late 1700s, what we are witnessing here in America is right out of the same playbook.

Probably the vast majority of the demonstrators in the streets of our cities have bona fide grievances (speaking in general), and all of America is united that what we saw in the brief cellphone video of what happened to George Floyd was worthy of outrage.

But just as in the French revolution, mass demonstrations are frequently used by evil, wicked individuals to further their own secret agendas. One of the simplest techniques taught to Antifa and other radical anarchist groups is to stay in the back of the mob, let several lines of the zealous but ignorant demonstrators be up front to yell at the police/National Guard.

Then, when the time is right, the agents provocateur grab their bricks, pavers, frozen water bottles, whatever, and heave them over the heads of the front rows and strike the police/guardsmen, and set off fireworks to simulate gunfire, thus provoking the police to be caught on camera responding when they advance on the crowd, sometimes pushing or beating them.

Right out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook again! (Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.) Hillary Clinton did her college thesis on Alinsky. Obama was trained by Alinsky’s community-organizing heirs: Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn and the like.

So, while POTUS was, on the surface, speaking about the progress in the fight against the CV, what he was also communicating to the Qanon community was that the Q team is safe and secure.

One could quibble about whether he really said that as a double meaning, but notice what he says next: “I think those two words really blend in with each other.” The two words? “cures” and “Q.” Listen a couple times, then you decide what you will take away from that.

The second instance in the press briefing yesterday was further on when he mentioned five times the term “RV.” Of course, on the surface it was all about the country opening up again, and people traveling all across the country in their RVs.

Here is what he said, “I may have to buy one of those things, drive around town. Maybe I’ll drive back to New York with our first lady in a trailer. What do they call that? [as he turns around, he looks at Pence and POTUS says], “Well you should know; Indiana is the capital of RVs.” Then he goes on: “An RV, an RV. I think I will buy one of those and travel around with the First Lady in an RV. I don’t think anybody would mind that….”

Those readers who have been aware of the pending Global Currency Reset having been waiting many years for the RV to occur (ReValuation of the currency). Was POTUS signaling that it is now imminent? Time will tell. If so, it will cause the US economy to go into orbit, just as the President has been assuring US.

Oh, one more thing: a tiny coincidence, no doubt. In the Bible, the word “pence” occurs five times. It comes from the Greek word denarion {day-nar'-ee-on}. However, it is of Latin origin and referred to a Roman coin, a dinarius.

Today several Middle Eastern currencies are based on the dinar, including Iraq. Thus, many of us have wondered if our Father was speaking in code when Mike Pence became VP, that the RV of the dinar (and other currencies) would happen on his watch as VP.

For now, especially today and tomorrow, let us all please …

Pray for the peace of [New] JerUSAlem: they shall prosper that love thee. Psalm 122:6

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