CHOP—The Seattle Twilight Zone

Jun 16, 2020

One day last week there were 196 nations in the world (counting Taiwan as a separate nation, although the Chinese Communist Party disagrees). The next morning we awoke to learn there are now 197. By now, you have heard how the radical groups in Seattle have occupied a six city-block area and declared themselves a separate nation from the USA. First, they called themselves CHAZ. The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. A day later—realizing that perhaps many of their adherents did not have the word “autonomous” in their working vocabulary (a bit of sarcasm there)—they changed it to CHOP.

What the O and P stand for is still under debate, but the message is clear to those who have heard this clip from one of the leaders referencing the French Revolution* and the use of guillotines for those who disagreed with the revolution. It would almost be laughable, except that these radicals are deadly serious. If someone gave them the machine, they are blinded enough in their hatred for America to actually commence executions.

But here is what is interesting about the new “nation.” The first three things they did were: (1) built a wall (erected barricades) to secure the border of the new “nation.”

(2) They posted sentries at all entry points to the new nation, sentries who demand and verify the identification papers of everyone attempting to come into the new “nation.” (You mean, sorta like making sure all those who attempt to enter are actually “citizens” of the nation, and not “illegal immigrants!?”

(3) They hand out firearms to many of the “citizens” for personal and “national” security. Oh, you mean, sorta like a Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for personal and national security?!

It’s hard to understand why these folks aren’t Trump supporters! (grinning)

* I went into some considerable detail teaching some of the true history of the French Revolution in my series Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom.


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