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Chapter 8—100 Years of the Fed, part 1

Jun 22, 2020

Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, part 20—How to identify Medianite BS

We are in the midst of a series of lectures concerning Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom. This is a blog series that is based on lecture #8.

Mystery Babylon concerns you, ladies and gentlemen, not only because you in this little flock are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word, but it concerns anyone who might hear this lecture because we today are living under the rule of a global empire.

Most people do not know it or recognize it. The Bible refers to modern Babylon as a “mystery.” It is not referring to that ancient city which crumbled in the dust centuries ago. It is referring to the ideas, methods and means of man’s government which were established in ancient Babylon, but which have continued in existence secretly all down through 25 centuries until now.

That we are now living under the rule of a secret empire has been hidden from our understanding. But now is the time for this mystery, this hidden globe-ruling empire, a cabal called Mystery Babylon the Great, to be made known.

It is about to fall—or rather, I should say, it is in the process of falling. Therefore, it behooves us to know how God had this all planned out, so that you will not fear as the collapse affects us in very real ways in our day-to-day lives. Just witness the Coronavirus, the sudden economic shutdown, “sheltering in place/quarantine” of healthy people, riots in dozens of cities large and small, etc.

When Daniel was divinely given to see the course of a succession of empires down through many centuries of history, he was given enough to write it down, but when he asked what it all meant, the angel told him that the prophecies were sealed until the time of the end.

We are living in that time of the end. It does not mean it is the end of the world—far from it. We are on the threshold of a great new beginning. It is a time when God’s Stone Kingdom will crush and replace Mystery Babylon. Can you think of a more exciting time to be alive!? I cannot!

There will not be much actual Scripture quoted in this two-part lecture, but yet, if you have learned anything at all in the previous seven lectures, then you will recognize that what I am discussing today is our observations of the fulfillment of prophecies in Daniel and Revelation.

Events are now happening so fast it is becoming next to impossible to try to keep up with it all. The collapse is picking up speed. For that reason, we interrupt our regularly scheduled lecture—which was going to be about the fourth great world empire in Daniel; namely, the Roman Empire—we are setting that aside for now.

We are going to forego teaching about Daniel’s prophecies about the Roman Empire for now so that we can jump forward to “the time of the end.” Our time. The time when man’s final world empire, Mystery Babylon the Great, is making her final, frantic attempt to consolidate her power and stamp out all freedom. The title of this two-part lecture is 100 Years of the Fed.

I want to share with you just a few of the phenomenal events happening before our eyes and within our bank accounts. I am referring to the ongoing destruction of the economy of the United States.  Debt has skyrocketed so far out of sight that not even a rocket scientist can fathom its total extent.

In the words of Fox Evening News reporter Jim Angle, “President Obama’s debt commission dropped the equivalent of an atomic bomb on Washington today” with their report on what needs to be done to fix our economy.

Along with our unsustainable debt, I am specifically talking about the on-going destruction of our currency, the once Almighty dollar. That moniker, the Almighty dollar, indicates that some people have made money their god.

Let’s begin here. When I originally wrote this lecture, Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve System, had announced what is called QE II. I immediately thought of the reigning monarch of Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth the Second, or the luxury ship that was named after her, the QE II.

But of course, in Fed terms, it stands for the second round of “Quantitative Easing.” Does that sound like a euphemism to you? Does that sound like a bunch of BS? Bovine excrement designed to hide what is really going on?

Indeed, it is. It is simply another term to describe the fact that over the following few months, they are going to “print” hundreds of billions of more paper dollars—simply creating money out of thin air—which is what the Fed has always done—of course, but now it is reaching lunar proportions.

I use the term lunar proportions as a double entendre. First, on a graph, the money supply is going off the chart and to the moon, as it were. Secondly, it is sheer lunacy to be doing that—unless… they are trying to deliberately destroy the dollar and the American economy. Which is in fact the case.

At this time, Glenn Beck had been devoting all five nights of his Fox TV program to exposing George Soros. Soros is one of the key figures behind the destruction of the dollar. He has done this before.

He made billions as he was the prime mover in destroying the economies of several nations, among them Great Britain when he bet against the stability of the pound in the early 1990s. “Russia have [sic] officially declared that Billionaire George Soros is a wanted man in their country, citing him and his organizations as a ‘threat to Russian national security.’ Putin banned Soros from Russia last year due to the fact that Soros helped to nearly destroy the Russian economy in the early 1990’s." [Source]

soros-destroying America.jpg

Now he is openly admitting that he is in the process of destroying the dollar—all for the purpose of a “new world order,” the cabal’s term for their intended global totalitarianism.

Some of you know the following fact, but many people in my larger radio and internet audience are just waking up, so let me illustrate it this way.

When the Federal Reserve System began in 1913, if we say a dollar was worth 100 cents in 1913, then right now, a one-dollar bill is worth only four cents! (Now, in 2020, it is worth about a penny!)

Are we to believe that the Federal Reserve System bankers are so stupid and incompetent that, despite their best efforts, the dollar has become worth almost nil? Of course not! They are not stupid nor are they incompetent. They know exactly what they are doing.

I was talking with a friend about this, and he asked if I knew what was going on at Jekyll Island right now. I said, no, I hadn’t seen a thing. So I giggled (I sometimes use the word “giggled” instead of the brand name of the internet search engine.) So I giggled on the web and found a number of articles.

First, let me quote from a couple of Establishment media (the Lying Legacy Media [LLM], formerly known as the “mainstream media”) sources about the event. First, from the Washington Post’s online website, an article by Neil Irwin, dated  November 5, 2010. Now in the opening line, when he says “significant monetary policy decision,” he is referring to QE II—which, to repeat, is printing hundreds of billions of dollars more of paper money which will almost certainly result in rocketing inflation ahead.

Incidentally, the term “printing money” is nowadays meant to include the infusion of new “money” into the system whether by literally printing paper notes or by electronic means.

“JEKYLL ISLAND, Ga.—After making their most significant monetary policy decision in quite a long time earlier this week, top officials of the Federal Reserve are now set to turn their attention to some big-picture questions about their institution: Where has it been? How did it get here? And where is it going?

“They are gathering this weekend at the very resort on the Georgia coast where 100 years ago a group of bankers and finance experts met to craft what would eventually become the Federal Reserve System.

“Indeed, the 1910 Jekyll Island gathering has long been viewed by conspiracy theorists as the root of what they consider to be the central bank’s shadowy, elitist ways. There is even a Fed-bashing book called ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island.’

Let us stop there that I may interject a comment. We have stocked and carried that book by Mr. G. Edward Griffin, for many years because it is the best history about the Fed that I know of (and I have many in my library). And yes, you can “bet your bottom dollar” that it is “Fed-bashing,” because it exposes the evil machinations of the money manipulators right from the birth of the Fed on Jekyll Island 100 years ago.

Quoting again from the same article and note that it is referring to the Atlanta branch. All emphasis and comments in [brackets] are mine—JWB

“Now, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is hosting a conference titled “Return to Jekyll Island.” It may sound like the sequel to a bad horror movie, [Yes, exactly, and if I may suggest a title, adding a single word to the title of Mr. Griffin’s magnum opus: The Swamp Creatures at Jekyll Island] but it is in fact a meeting that aims to examine the full scope of the Fed’s history…

“The meeting comes at a particularly fraught moment for the central bank, which recently launched a new round of unconventional monetary policy with plans to buy $600 billion in Treasury bonds. The widely discussed strategy, known as ‘quantitative easing,’ is aimed at lowering interest rates across the U.S. economy and reinvigorating sluggish growth. [pure BS—this is a classic example of whitewashing by the Medianites.]

The biggest attraction of the conference will be a Saturday morning panel discussion in which Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, his predecessor, Alan Greenspan, and former New York Fed President Gerald Corrigan will discuss the central bank’s ‘purpose, structure, and functions.’ ...Unlike a century ago, there are plenty of journalists here to observe the goings-on.”

Yes, the journalists are there—Mystery Babylon’s whoring scribes. They are there to observe and write a few facts, answering the who, when, and where, but simultaneously and dutifully concealing exactly what the Fed conferees are doing and why. Before I provide another example, I want to teach you something about the news media. And I will use the national sports reporters as an illustration.

Bear with me as I set this up. We moved to Asheville in 1987. In 1988 a movie came out which was centered around life in minor league baseball. It was called Bull Durham. It was actually filmed in Asheville (where there is a minor league franchise called the Asheville Tourists, which is owned by the DeWine family of Ohio, where Mike DeWine sits as governor in Columbus, one of my hometowns.) Bull Durham starred Kevin Costner as a former major league catcher who was beyond his prime and is now back in the minor leagues.

His antagonist was a rookie pitcher, played by Tim Robbins. I happened to see the movie on TV a few weeks ago and fortunately, they had cleaned up the dialog because it was full of vulgarity. I also happen to have a friend who was a minor league general manager and he told me that life in the minor leagues is pretty much the way it was portrayed in the movie.

bull durham.jpg

I bring this up only to focus on one scene where Kevin Costner, the very savvy ballplayer, is trying to coach the rookie pitcher on how to talk to the media, the sports writers and broadcasters. It was a very funny scene.

Of course, I realize that everyone is not interested in watching sports, but if you are, I would first caution all of us—myself included—not to let it occupy too much time in our lives—it’s fun to watch some sports, but it’s the moderation principle I am calling our attention to. Life is too important to let sports addiction (or any addiction) consume vast quantities of our time.

But beyond that, if you have ever noticed at halftime of the big, nationally or regionally-televised football games, the sideline reporter—take Erin Andrews, for example, the television contract allows them to only ask one question and then a follow-up.

She catches one coach running to the locker room as the halftime begins, and she gets a comment from the opposing coach as they are coming out of the locker rooms to begin the second half. Next time you’re watching football, I want you to notice the comments the coaches give. Coach Jim Tressel of my alma mater, Ohio State, is a master at it.

Basically, as the coach, you speak about 45 seconds worth of words, but if you wrote them out and analyzed them as text on paper, you would discover that he has really said nothing at all of any substance or importance.

So getting back to Bull Durham, Kevin Costner is teaching the rookie pitcher how to deal with the sports media in the major leagues, and I cannot remember the exact lines, and it doesn’t really matter, so I will make up my own version. So this is Kevin Costner coaching the rookie:

“Now, look here, when a sports reporter asks you a question, you pay no attention to what they’re asking. You basically tell ‘em all the same thing. Here, practice with me; repeat after me: [slowly] “I’m just happy… to be part of the team… We’ve got a bunch of great guys here… They all do their parts… And if I can just do my part, well, then, the good Lord willing, we’ll win some games.”

Now, to translate that to college football, here’s my Jim Tressel imitation at halftime, when Erin Andrews asks him how the Buckeyes are going to come back from a halftime deficit and win the game.

“Well, Erin, we obviously made some mistakes out there in the first half. We missed some key tackles. We let them get ahead of us. On the other side of the ball, our front line missed some blocking assignments and we had to punt the ball away too many times.”

Erin says, “So what are you going to tell your players there in the locker room?”

“Well, Erin, I’m going to tell them to make sure they carry out their blocking assignments and how we have to improve our tackling. We can’t let them score on us anymore. And if we can do that, we’ll come out on top. Thanks, Erin.”

“Thanks, Coach.”

It’s a game!... Erin Andrews knows it; Jim Tressel knows it, but how many sports fans recognize BS when it’s all presented with such seriousness? The point of this analogy is that you can also learn how to spot the BS in the Establishment media.

Just as Erin Andrews is there to keep the fans glued to the tube at halftime without actually gaining any real insight into the Buckeyes’ game strategy, so also the LLM reporters listen to the blarney from a Ben Bernanke or a Timothy Geithner and present their meaningless words in all seriousness as though it were really a snapshot of what goes on in the locker room; i.e., as though the reporters really were privy to what went on in the meetings at Jekyll Island at the 100th anniversary conclave.

And thus, when I was reading the Washington Post reporters’ statement a minute ago that “The widely discussed strategy, known as “quantitative easing,” is aimed at lowering interest rates across the U.S. economy and reinvigorating sluggish growth...” I can assure you that is an example of BS. But more than that, unlike in sports reporting, where Tressel succeeds in saying nothing of substance, the Medianites are more inclined to repeat the buzzwords and jargon phrases of the Ben Bernankes where they often tell bald-faced lies in order to deceive the American people. They have been doing it for over a century now. More on that later.

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